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MG MGF Technical - Swain and Jones, Farnham.

Has anybody had any experience of servicing with Swain and Jones Farnham, my car came from there and want to know what they are like for quality of service????

Check out Paul Lathwell's dealer guide on :

I'm sure Swain and Jones have been mentioned a few times, with fairly favourable results from what I can remember.

Thanks for the plug Sue. <BG>

Just checked myself Swain and Jones have an overall rating of excellent. HTH. :)

Home of the F'ers Gallery, MG Dealer Guide and new MGF FAQ. :)
Paul Lathwell

Thanks for you help,
It puts ones mind to rest over the horrible issue of where to get it serviced.

That's the idea of the Dealer Guide. :)
Paul Lathwell

I drove back at Christmas to have a K&N put in by them. The guy I was dealing with seemed very enthusiatic about his work (he'd been servicing MGF's since the beginning). He also seemed very knowledgable and was a throughly nice guy.

I would use them again if I could stomach the 8 hour drive from Geneva.

Bit late in replying.... ooops!

My car was bought and serviced from S&J. Have used them for nigh on 3 years now.
They have changed a bit over the years.

The used to be fantastic all round. Period.
Lately the level of customer care has dropped from 'fanstastic' to 'very good'.
They have had to roll 'MG service' in with 'Rover service' and Kevin Nolan & co (sales team) take
less of a role in aftersales service.

If you are worried about anything, ask to speak with the MG mechanic (Mike and Roger last time I was there).
They've taken the time to talk through certain mods with me in the past.

I still rate them as very good and they're the only main dealer garage I'd
trust to do the infamous 36k service with the coolant change.

In fact, I should really go book the 36k service soon! :-)

Let me know how it goes, and drop me an email if you want any more info.

Paul Nothard

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