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Hi peeps!

I'm going to fit the MGR heated seat kit to my MY2002 F.

Her indoors is delighted.....for a change.

Instead of the tacky little swithes which come with it which are supposed to be fitted to the console side panels beside the courtesy lights, I plan to fit a pair of switches into the centre console switch panel.

I had hoped to use heated rear window switches as these have a reasonably understandable icon on them, but it is non-locking, as is the rear fog light switch.

Can anyone tell me if front fog lamp switch has a locking mechanism. e.g. push it and it stays in a bit, push it again and it comes back to normal.


Sam Murray

Sam you have email. Describing the MG Rover ( possibly Land Rover ) switches I've used, seem to work great.
David Karle


yes - as in its locking

David - I'd like to know what you've used - I've got an aftermarket kit that I am going to fit. Planning to hide the switches behind the centre console tray, so out of sight, but if there are Rover Group switches that'll do the job, I'll fit those!

My email is robert dot m dot bell at kcl dot ac dot uk :o)
Rob Bell

Hi Rob, I have used Ebay item 400019762063 from vox-bit not quite sure what they are meant to fit, I each of wired mine through HRW relays as unsure if they sufficient switching capicty for the heated seats. They fit the console and std MGF Rover 25 scokets no problem ( although you need to remove the keying from the plug ) they do though they illuminate with a redish glow at night, but as the other switches also seem to vary I don't see this as much of a problem. The HRW switches the seller also sells are different in the keying for the socket to a normal mgtf one, and a different part number.
David Karle

I think that they'd look perfect in a MY2000 centre console. I wonder whether they do any switches that'd be suitable for earlier cars? :o)
Rob Bell

Hi Rob my car's like yours a 96 F with a console upgrade amongst many other upgrades. Haven't seen any MK1 type heated seat switches unless the Rover 200/25 had them, MG Rover did do a heated seat kit for that car too.
David Karle

Tested heated seats yesterday. working great, nice and toasty!

I've been looking David - not found anything quite suitable as yet - and I've trawled through the 1990s LandRover parts list. Almost right but not quite is as close as I've got! I suspect that I'll use the kit's existing switches and hide them away for the time being.

Audi TT switches look rather smart though... ;o)
Rob Bell

Hadn't realised you still had the MK1 console.

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