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MG MGF Technical - Tall bloke seeks more space

I'm rather taller than the average Joe and obviously find the MGF cabin a little tight. Although it is very comfortable (much more than the multitude of superminis I've driven previously), I do find that my left knee is often in contact with the steering wheel and can't move over any further because of the centre console. It did occur to me that a slightly smaller steering wheel may solve this problem. Has anybody ever experimented with this or any other way of making the cockpit slightly more accommodating? I'd be prepared to lose the airbag if that's what it took.

P.S. I'm new to the F ownership experience but finding this forum very good reading.
Jonathan Dean


You can get a seat 'lowering' kit (Mike Satur or Brown & Gammons, check their online catalogues from the links at the top of this site). I understand it doesn't actually lower the seat but lets it sag a bit more when you sit in it. HTH

I don't really understand why nobody offers a proper "new" seat which really is lower. Recaro used to make special seats for all sorts of cars, where have they gone?
T Green

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