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MG MGF Technical - Tappets

Hi all, i've got a 99 mgf 1.8i with about 70k. Recently there has been a tapping sound coming from the engine which seems to be getting louder. I have a sneaky feeling its the tappets and was wondering if anyone else has had this problem and if so, how much did it cost to put right? Thanks.

Hi Stewy,

I had a similar problem in my 99 F a year or so back. Had it right into the mechanics who said the lifters were failing and needed replacement. There are 16 lifeters at around $70 (Aussie) plus labour was going to cost me in the region of $2k (Aussie). Ouch.

Whilst having a beer and a whinge to a mate, he suggested adding an additive to the oil called Slick 50 (?). Cost me all of $13 from the local car shop and guess what, the sound went away. Never had a problem since. Suggest you get good quality oil whenever you service the car too.

Hope this helps.


Sonny Foster

Hi ,Stewy
Had a similar prob with my 1997 mpi, only used at weekends and the low usage of the car was to blame in my case
a good long run and a oil change (full service) and it disappeared. Not a uncommon problem if you read the archives, the tic,tic tic..does come back on mine when it has not been in use for a couple of weeks but a good 30 mile or so run and it has gone again for months, hope this helps ... mel
m e johnson

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