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MG MGF Technical - Tapping noise

I have a loud tapping or clicking noise which originates once the engine gets to temperature and disappears when then revs go above 1500, could this be a tappet problem?
A Shaw

First precaution would be to check the cam bolts, doesn't sound like them but better safe than sorry. The behaviour you describe isn't atypical of a dry tappet, but it probably is the most likely source.
Has there been an oil change recently? Definitely the correct grade used? May be worth using an oil flush and refill, that often gets a positive result where an oilway isn't flowing as much as it should.

Mike Hankin

Just to add to Mike's comments - an idle rattle is pretty common when the oil level is a little on the low side: a top up may be all that is needed.
Rob Bell

I had the exact same rattle. Turned out to be the oil filler/ dipstick. Give it a wiggle. If it moves then it needs tightened up.
Bob Millar

This thread was discussed between 13/08/2005 and 14/08/2005

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