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MG MGF Technical - Technical question regarding dead car after minor

We have access to a car that had a accident and been put away for a while! Now it would not start!

It has newly charged battery, but it doesn't fire at all! Is there any "cut out" switch for i.e. fuel pump like other cars when you have a accident! I know my old Escort sometimes had the fuel supply cut if I drove it fast in bumps! (MK IV, had it in the spare wheel compartment)

Someone who know about this! Just start looking at it!
RN Roar

Yes, there is an inertia switch that is likely to need resetting. It is on the left side of the engine bay IIRC as you look into the engine bay from the boot compartment. It's located close to the damper top mount.

Fingers crossed this will do it! :O)
Rob Bell

THANKS,, now its running :-)

I understood it had to be something like that! Question was just to locate it!!
RN Roar

Great result! :o)
Rob Bell

This thread was discussed on 07/12/2009

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