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MG MGF Technical - TF 135 power gain?

How is the 135 bhp gained over the 1.8i that is fitted to the MGF? Is it through the trophy exhaust system and throttle body?
m chappell

essentially, that's it - throttle body + new airfilter box (ala Trophy 160) + exhaust. The engine is also said to have new cam profiles - although the timing and lift properties of these remain unknown to me - anyone got the details of this cam?

If you are thinking of replicating this for your 1.8i, then the answer is pretty much yes, you can -

New air filter - best options are ITG Maxogen, PiperX Viper, K&N in a Rover 820 airbox
New throttle body (approx 100 quid from Mike Satur)
New exhaust - Mike Satur's systems are the ones we've tested as being the best available

That lot should be approx 8+5+5 bhp, although things are never quite that simple! :o(

If you want decent cams, might be best to chat to Piper for their fast road grind. You should get close to 140 bhp with this combination - to get more a new ECU becomes mandatory.

I've yet to try the FSE Fuel pressure regulator, so I've mentioned it in the above link, although it is something that can be considered as a way of circumventing the ECU's deficiencies in the fuel map with these kind of mods.
Rob Bell

This thread was discussed on 19/11/2002

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