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MG MGF Technical - TF 160 - 3 year service

My TF 160 is due for it's 3 year service and, as my local ex-dealer wanted 280 for what's essentially an oil change and visual inspection, it's going to a local independant (ex-MGR) mechanic. I've downloaded the service sheet and noticed 2 things which seem odd to me - one is that the cambelts are specified for changing at 4 years (used to be 5 on the early F) and the other is they only specify changing the air filter every 2 years.

First question is why are the cambelts now changed after 4 years instead of 5?

Second question is whether it's worth changing the air filter more frequently than 2 years? It was changed about 10,000 miles (probably less than 50% in town).

Any other items I should consider getting done at this stage too?

Tim Jenner

The TF (& EU3 F) service interval is every 12 months or 15K miles.

On earlier F's it was every 12 months or 12K miles.

Because the recommended cambelt change interval is every 60K for all F/TF's, it means it is due every 4 years on latter cars, as opposed to every 5 years as with earlier cars.

Personally I would change the air filter every year, although I have an ITG fitted so I just clean it every 6-12 months.
Steve White

Tim and Steve, I change the cam belt every 3 years as a precaution, seems sensible to me as I am usually fitting a new cyl head gasket at the time! Have you ever met or heard from anyone whos timing belt has snapped? I am sure there must be loads of early cars with high milages still running the original belt. Steve have you got that silly engine in your car yet, bet your grinning from ear to ear if you have.
See you in Scotland?

I would agree with Steve that you should follow the 12 mths or 15K to 60K but I have a problem in understanding why a new front bumper and a bump on the boot lid should need the cambelt to be changed earlier unless anyone can show me any evidence of failures which could only have come from earlier Fs and hence would apply to all cars.
My 2000 F had the belt changed at 4 years but only because it was one of the last plastic head dowel engines. Instead of paying a breakdown warranty and Recovery Insurance for European tours, I used the s to pay Techspeed for a top end upgrade and rebuild.
At the same time, our 'M' Reg Clio still has the 5 year replacement cambelt in the garage waiting to be fitted.
Geoff F.
G. Farthing

This thread was discussed on 11/01/2007

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