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MG MGF Technical - TF Blue Paint Code

I am considering painting my car in the nice metalic blue that i have seen on a lot of the newer MG TF's and was wondering if anyone knows the paint code for that particular colour?

Many thanks

damien at
D Parker

There a number of blues available. Moving from dark to light we have Royal, Ignition, Trophy and Sonic to name but four. Any idea which you're thinking of or a link to a picture from which we can identify the colour?

The dark chromaflare blue - red looks very smart on the F, but it is non-standard and costs about 5k for just the respray. It might be a bit overpowering on the smaller Midget though.


Thanks guys, didnt realise there were that many different blues in the new rover range. I have had a quick browse and put together a page with 6 small photos of mgtf's and an MGZT that both appear to have the blue that i am after

Chris, I agree about the chromaflair paint, it looks great on the bigger cars but may not look anywhere as nice on the smaller midget, shame really.


damien at
D Parker

Go to your local MGR Dealer (before they close down). They will have Colour Cards for the curent colours with the relative Reference Number.
Geoff F.
G. Farthing

That looks a bit like trophy blue and is the most common colour you see ZR and ZSs in. Can't remember the code and don't fancy driving 50 miles to check the SWMBOs car but if I remember I'll have a look tonight!

just had a look - trophy blue is JFV


Totally agree with Tony.
(so you're sure you don't get your car back in a totally different color ;o)

Thanks very much chaps, my local Rover/MG garage weren't exactly helpful when I called them on Saturday morning, to the point that they basically didnt want to give me the paint code unless I had a car that was going to be sprayed by them.

Thanks again.
D Parker

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