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MG MGF Technical - TF exhaust

I am now on my 3rd new F; this one a TF. I have recently returned from a 3,500 mile round trip to Southern Italy at some fast speeds with not a hicough. On the same trip in my previous car I discovered the problem with the oil temperature gauge but this time everything was OK. I did notice that the exhaust pipe on the passenger side has no discolouration and only gets warm, not hot. Anyone know why?
john sheldon

John, maybe this thread clarifies something:

Johan Slagter

John - that's because your car has an exhaust valve on that tail pipe to allow the car to pass drive-by noise regulations.

It can be readily disabled - which may have done (Per was one of the first to do this with the TF) - which improves the noise, means that the tail pipes look equally black and some claim an improvement in performance (although when we did this on a rolling road, we could detect no difference whatsoever) - details here:
Rob Bell

Hi John, I did the very quick mod on our TF and now I can hear when the missus is coming down the road, leap off the sofa and look busy! You don't need to remove the engine cover to get to the connector - just a long arm and it lives above the drivers side rear shock mounting.


I feel a bit of a fool this morning as it is the driver's side exhaust which remains cold. The car is 4 months old and is as collected from the dealer.
john sheldon

That's what we thought you meant John ;o)
Rob Bell

I did this "mod" recently. It took 2 min
I was surprised to come to the same conclusions: exhaust noise is *slightly* different (at least from inside the cabin), and the engines pulls better at 2-3.5k rpm. Not a big difference of course, although psychologically I was more prepared in feeling nothing ;o)

The engine was cold when I did it. I've got the impression the exhaust valve operates differently when the engine is warm. Has someone disconnected the plug just after a drive, with a warm engine, and then have a test drive ?

No idea Fabrice - perhaps Per tried this?
Rob Bell

Oh, I could do it, it's just a 5 min affair...
Will try not to forget !

>I did this "mod" recently. It took 2 min

So you got an own _subject_ to do the mod ??

Come on mate, did I miss this news ??
Dieter K.

Hi Dieter !
yes, I got it as expected...
It's an Anthracite 2002 TF 135, aircon, black leather, chrome pack, carbon door inserts & 16" square spokes alloys. Looks nice ;o))
It's from Anrath, near Krefeld. It's the one I told you about (from the female owner...). I have it for one month, but it took some time to sort all the papers (esp. the european COC), but it was expected aswell. So it's on the road now for nearly a week... and I'm already thinking of some mods ;o)
The next one will be of course the relocation of the induction pipe in the side air vent. And after that I'll think about X-power springs...


>> It's an Anthracite 2002 TF 135 <<

What colour other than anthracite could your car be Fabrice? ;o) Lovely sounding car - look forward to seeing the pix! :o)
Rob Bell

>> What colour other than anthracite could your car be Fabrice? <<

well, charcoal black ! ;o)
but it was discontinued in '97 or '98 ....
Or solid black, my favorite, but it's only for some limited editions.

Yes, I'll have to re-apply for the F'ers gallery... ;o)

BTW, since I still have some bits of my F liying around, there's no way to put my cat bypass tube on the TF, right ? no was to "fool" the 2nd lambda gauge after the cat ?


A 2 min hammer job!

my favourites

>> no was to "fool" the 2nd lambda gauge after the cat ? <<

Ah, since you've asked the Darkside meister... there IS a way to fool the MEMS second Lambda signall - look up this link:

Rob Bell

Thanks for the link Rob !
Very interesting... Do you know if it works as is for the TF ? Has someone tried it ?

I'll need an elbow between the bypass tube and the exhaust, is it available alone ?

I'm not sure that the elbow is available alone Fabrice - but I'd expect that it would be :o) Either that, or get someone local to fabricate a link pipe for you :o)

Has anyone tried the MIL eliminator on a TF yet? Not that I've yet heard of, but it is a very popular modification for the Elise guys. Although Lotus use their own ECU in place of MEMS3 for the S2 Elise, there is absolutely no reason why this gadget shouldn't work: it certainly works on all the engines that it has so far been fitted to :o)
Rob Bell

I guess that won't be too difficult too find : people who bought a Daytona exhaust for their MK2/TF's should have one unused elbow somewhere...

The Elise guys, they assembled their own MIL eliminator, or are there kits available ?
It looks damn easy to do, but I would prefer something that doesn't look too "amateur".

That's true Fabrice - could be a good source of suitable elbow pipes that. Interestingly, you can get a cat replacement pipe for the S2 Elise - so presumably, one should also be available for the mgtf?

Regarding the MIL eliminator - I'm not sure whether there is a kit available, but I see that do a MIL eliminator (which should also include appropriate instructions) - see

If you have any enquires, Geary @ Eliseparts seems genuinely helpful, and replies quickly by email :o) The wiring colour codes for the Elise should be identical to the MG :o)
Rob Bell

thanks for the info Rob,
but I think for that price, I could make 10 MIL eliminators...

About the elbow, I'll try to source one "second hand" (there are chances it will be never used), or from MS. Cause I don't need a complete cat bypass, I still have my "old" one.


LOL! I agree Fabrice :o)

Let us know how you get on - and I'd love to hear the details if you do end up making your own MIL eliminator :o)
Rob Bell

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