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MG MGF Technical - TF Exhaust Output

I've had my TF 135 since mid-April and have noticed that the output from the exhaust appears to flow 90% through the passenger side pipe and 10% through the driver side pipe. This is resulting in the passenger side pipe getting quite black, whilst the driver's side is as new. A month or so ago I met up with Alan Dunlop to compare the ride quality of our cars and his exhausts seemed to be pretty much 50/50 as have a couple of other TF's that I've seen about.

Does anyone have any experience of this / idea why it is happening - or is it a "back to the dealer" matter.



Hmmm, i am not sure about this, but i think the TF has a vaiation on the Trophy exhaust system which has (i believe) a valve on the right hand side which opens up or closes the pipe depending on the revs. I thought this was a mod to allow the car to still sound 'sporty' at high revs, but still be quiet enough to pass the drive-by sound regulations.

Anyway, if your TF has a system like this, then this could explain why one pipe is more dirty than the other.


The TF does have a Valve on the Exhaust.
Paul Lathwell

I know a guy in work who bought a new TF . Only 1 exhaust works . The dealer and rover seem unable to fix it.

The valve got named ANC-system here in D in a magazin which did an article about the new Elise 111s.
ANC ... automatic noise control.

Dieter Koennecke

You can see a picture of the exhaust flap/valve on my 135 at

It either permits or denies the flow of exhaust through the RH pipe.
(a good pipe to use during emission tests I reckon :-)

It is vacuum operated; the vacuum is held in a reservoir fed from inlet manifold.

The exhaust flap is sucked open by the operation of an electrical switch which opens a valve in the small plastic vacuum tube between the reservoir and the exhaust flap. shows reservoir and switch mounted in rear right hand wing.

I don't know when it gets triggered (by MEMS) I'm afraid.

I guess they paid for this complex contraption by removing from TFs the under bonnet light, 2nd horn, ign switch light and map pockets in seat backs :-)


ps - dieter please store photos with others on your site if you wish
John Thomas

I think Roger mentioned the other day that the removal of that 'valve' would cause the OBD light coming off. Indeed related to MEMS connection.
2be explored by someone then ;)

Thank you for the great pictures and the permission to use !!

Dieter Koennecke

It would be fun to fit this TF system to a MGF, and use a manual switch to operate the valve - then you have noisey and quiet modes at the touch of a button! :o))
Rob Bell

I recognised the email address you had Tomas. What are you studying at Bath uni? Which year?
I am studying IMML year 2. Do you have a TF or F VVC? What is the wheater in Bath?


Philip Blomquist

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