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MG MGF Technical - TF foglights

I'd like to fit foglights to my TF.
I know that there is a kit available (dealer ? Mike Satur ?)
I'd like to know what exactly is involved in this kit (lights, wiring loom, switch I presume) and also if these parts are shared with other MG/Rover models. So if I find ZR/S/T lights, would they fit ?

The fog lamps themselves are exactly the same Fabrice (and are shared with the MGF, Rover 200, Rover 75 etc etc). The difference is in the mounting kit and the wiring loom.

If you can locate a TF fog lamp kit, then so much the better in terms of ease of fitting.

Have a look in the archives, we were struggling with a fog lamp instal on a TF a little earlier in the year, and had real fun and games trying to get it to work... all because there was no wiring diagram for the MY2000/TF switch :o(
Rob Bell

This thread was discussed between 23/12/2004 and 24/12/2004

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