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MG MGF Technical - TF Headlight

The inside of the glass on my TF headlights need a good clean. It was easy to remove the glass of the headlights on my F. Is it as easy to do this on the TF?
C I Robinson

Hi All,
Disappointed with lack of response to my problem.
I have since found out that the glass on TF headlights is bonded on to the headlight body which is not what I wanted to hear! No doubt I will work out a method of cleaning the inside of the glass, maybe using a toothbrush!

Cliff R
C I Robinson

Hi Cliff,

Sorry - this is going to sound so rude, but please its not meant to be.

Theres lots and lots of information in the archives about the MGF lights and how they work and that they weren't silvered correctly and I think thats possibly why you never recieved a response.

If you do a search on silvering you will find all you need and more

take care

b buick

Thanks Brian

Cliff R
C I Robinson

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