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MG MGF Technical - TF Headlight Deflectors

Has anyone tried to find a set of headlight deflectors for a TF? I have tried and can only find the 'black out' type which you have to cut to shape, and there are no markings on the TF to show the shape, or the thin 'ridged' plastic type which said on the back 'not suitable for single spot headlights like the MGF'. I have seen similar that claim to be universal but have not found ANY that claim to fit the MGF or mgtf!!!
Any help out there?? I'm due to go to France on Saturday and my partner will kill me if I don't get this sorted!!!
A Davies

TBO I didn't think you needed them on a TF as I heard some time back that they have switches on the rear of the lamp units to convert them from RHD to LHD.
Can anyone confirm this????
Steve White

Hmm - I have just had a quick look and there are some hexagonal plastic things with a slot for a screwdriver that are connected to some gears that seem to control something on the headlight, but I don't have a screwdriver handy to test! Will post more when I get home and get a screwdriver (and the manual!)
Looks good so far though!
A Davies

Those hexagonal gears are for beam alignment - so best not move those.

The TF do indeed have beam adjusters: they are located in a slightly fiddly position down below the bulb holders.

You need to remove the plastic cap behind the dipped beam lamps. Then you can visualise the bulb holders. Below is a metal tab that ought to be set to one side (I forget which now) - but for European driving you move this tab to that it is vertically below the bulb holder...

There's a feature on this on - but the server appears to be offline at the present time, or I'd look the URL up for you. Look under the DIY&Technical menu (right top drop-down menu scroll) - it's under the lighting category.

Hope this helps
Rob Bell

Doh! Just spent 10 mins searching the archive and Rob goes and beats me to it LOL
This is all I could find anyway:-

Park facing a wall, put the lights on they'll show an "L" shape beam (ie the left kerb/roadsigns are lit up). Lookin at the back of the light assembly there are black two hexagonal nuts - don't touch these! They're for beam alignment. Locate the lever as described in the handbook move it and see the beam shape change to "_/" shape (ie when driving on the right the right kerb/roadsigns will be lit).

Steve White

Excellent, thanks guys, if any of you come to Jersey I'll get in a pint of Mary Ann! (local brew)
A Davies

Here's that direct URL:

Mary Ann? Not tried that; I'd definitely be up for a pint! :o)
Rob Bell

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