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MG MGF Technical - TF PRRT scheme - heater hose quick-connectors?

Hi all,

Ages ago, I bought the TFs PRRT hose set.
In one go, I bought the heater hoses and bleed hose. I just wanted to swap the whole thing. Might keep the jiggle bleed valve though.

Anyway. The problem is the heater hose connections on the engine side. 18 and 6 below.

Strangly enough they look nothing like the real thing on my shelf.They are of the quick connect style (press and release).
The ones on my good old mpi arent anything like that (plain double spigot). Moreover, checking the EPC, I cant even find the mgtf heater connections that would mate up with them on the heater side. I dont know what MGR had in mind.

Anyone who has opened their TF engine bay and took a picture? Or better ordered these and have a number?

I might just take the quick connectors out and replace them with plain 29 mm connectors though. Just thought Id ask before taking out the knife.

cheers from snowy belgium (green X-mass and wite easter...,global what? *LOL*)

David Peters

This thread was discussed on 25/03/2008

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