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MG MGF Technical - TF Question Time

Does anyone know....

What exactly that valve thingy in my
TF160's exhaust actually do? What revs does it kick in? (Yamaha fits something similar to R1 motorbikes called EXUP to vary back the pressure). I got the impression from various blurb around its just to change exhaust note!

Also, does anyone know what the high freq noise is I can here from the (hot) engine bay after a run. Seems too "electrical" to be cooling/coolant movement.
P J Lilley

The noise might be a fuel pump. :-)
Nothing to worry about.
Hanah Kim

>What exactly that valve thingy

ANC is it's name at the new Lotus Elise.
Short for Automtic Noise Control to meet noise restriction rules (EC export cars i.e.)

Some say it's to increase torque or power ;)

But I never heard of any DIY power gainer who added that to an older MGF with special exhaust.

Dieter K.

I don't know what you guys are talking about...BUT could it be that this "valve thingy" is what makes my exhaust sound (VERY, VERY, VERY) vaguely like a turbo wastegate when I change gear quickly at high (6000+) revs. It's like a kind of spit as the clutch is dropped in the higher gear with the throttle open.

Sounds like the sucking noise from a K&N?
David Bainbridge

Simon has described the effect spot on! I haven't got a K&N yet (actually hoping to fit a Piper Cross induction soon).
P J Lilley

Could the noise you hear after a hot high speed run be the engine bay cooling fan!
Dave - Rugby

Nope ...definatly electronic (digital) high frequency like the back of our telly!!!
P J Lilley

This thread was discussed between 05/10/2002 and 09/10/2002

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