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MG MGF Technical - TF side air vent grille

Does anyone know what type of sealant or mastic is used to secure the mgtf side vent grill to the vent pod? One of mine worked loose yesterday and slipped - there was this awful noise that sounded like shattering glass but which must have been the grill catching the fan. I stopped the car to see what the noise was but didn't spot the problem, but stopping the car must have dislodged it from the fan. I've driven the car today with no issues and only spotted the problem when washing the car tonight. I've spun the fan blades and they all look fine, I just want to make sure the grill is properly secure.
Mothy - '65 Midget and '04 TF Sunstorm

Loctite rubbery superglue did the trick!
Mothy - '65 Midget and '04 TF Sunstorm

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