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MG MGF Technical - TF Stearing Vibration

Hi all,

Does anyone have any ideas about stearing wheel vibration on the TF? I have been for several long journeys and had no problems, but this last weekend I travelled a route that I have taken in this car 2 or 3 times before (M4, M25, A127) and by the end of the journey it was actually unpleasent to be holding the stearing wheel and my hands were 'buzzing' (Only way I can describe it) for quite some time after the journey. My wife drove home and experienced a similar problem.


Chris Ponder

If it occurs at certain speeds (usually aound 50-70) and disappers as you go faster or slower than that speed then it might well be wheel balanceing, take it back and complain ( it's only a 10 minute job with very cheap parts to fix)


First check the easy things: Are all the wheel nuts tight and the tyre pressures correct? Also check the tyres for any damage. As Will says a balancing weight might have fallen from one of the front wheels, check for any marks on the insight of the alloy wheel. If none of this appears to be at fault I woud take back to the dealer as it is a very new car.

Spyros Papageorghiou


It is all the time and it appears to be the road vibration, it just seems to have got worse. My first thoughts were tyre pressure, time to buy a gauge.


Chris Ponder


I had exactly the same problem with my 1997 MGF, it was never resolved. However, my mgtf is fine (so far).

Angela Hartnup

My wheel vibrates when stationary ... or just as the clutch bites and I move off ...

Gaz R

Oh dear I'm getting that dealer feeling...
Chris Ponder

This thread was discussed between 05/06/2002 and 13/06/2002

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