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MG MGF Technical - TF suspension noise

Has anyone experienced an alarming noise from the TF front suspension when hitting a pothole at low speed? I did yesterday - the noise is a sort of metallic cracking sound, and sounds scarey, although I can see no sign of physical damage, and the car still drives and handles as normal. Same happened on a test drive - both cars being TF135s
Dick Morbey

As it happens it hit a hole/rut in the road earlier and heard a quite definite metallic bang, almost as if something below the car had glanced off the road, though this does seem highly unlikely. Not looked under the car yet. but the same thing happened last weekend when I was a passenger in Sue's TF - no sign of damage then either. Probably something for both of us to mention to Priests next time we contact them?
Paul Lathwell

You beat me to it. I was thinking about starting a thread requesting a bump stop kit for the TF. You know, the one that you needed on the F when 16 inch wheels were fitted. (There are obvious questions as to why the wheel size should make any difference but that's another debate/thread)

My experience echoes the above, on three occasions have hit small potholes, in one case an indentation, in the tarmac and the front suspension appeared to "bottom out" with a load metallic bang. The A591 north bound, dual carriageway (Kendal by-pass) at 70mph was particularly bad.
No evidence of damage, either visual or handling, but rather unnerving all the same.

I've not seen the mgtf specific suspension items in the flesh until now. Though I suppose the noise is from the pump stop installed.

The MGF bump stop kit David reffers to is also a 'metallic bang' if it 'works'. Not the rubber, but the metallic part of the suspension does the bump stop works.

Dieter Koennecke

This happened to me too. After only 2 days I experienced this on slowing down to a roundabout. The noise was just as if the car had bottomed at the front offside but I could see nothing in the road that might have caused it. It only happened once and I forgot about it. While I was later discussing the recall with the MG mechanic (in the hope that it might have resolved the poor ride I felt my car suffered from) he mentioned that the problem with the bushes not being seated properly meant that the suspension would "crash" into the mounting with a loud bang when going over relatively small bumps. I suspect this is what you are experiencing. Have you had the recall done? Paul,I believe your car is only eleven vin nos.. off mine and I did get adjustment done.

Hope this helps.

Alan Dunlop

I've had a similar problem with my P-reg F ( see earlier posts on Suspension Clonk) and had The Noise 5 or 6 times on my journey to work.

Yesterday, I think I found the cause.

Where the hydrogas pipework passes through the bulkhead under the windscreen, the o/s pipe had come out its clip and the metal fitting was resting on the chassis. Lifting this pipe by just 1cm and allowing it to drop caused The Noise.

I've replaced the pipe in the clip and after 20 miles or so have not had the noise once.

Here's hoping that this is the cure!

Rgds, Tony


Tony, TF doesn't have hydragas!

Alan Dunlop

assume Tony installed some to the MeXy already and really likes them
Dieter Koennecke

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