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MG MGF Technical - TF tune up and bitz.

Ive had my TF 160 for a few months now (great fun bounced off the rev limiter a couple of times!) Wife permitting I would to tune up and and add a few tastful cosmetic bits. Ive been looking at buying most of the following from Mike Satur. Ive spoken to him and have already bought a few detailing bits recently (Knobs!!). I would like any thoughts, comments on the following proposed list 1. Piper cross induction kit, 2.Slick Shift Kit(Robust gear change thingy) 3.Chrome roll over hoops 4. Bright mesh kit for intakes front grill etc. 5. Brushed alu/ carbon look trim. I am particulary interested if any one has any feedback on the induction and gear shift kits.

Induction should be ok, but won't see that much benefit in power I don't think. You will gain the throttle response though.

TF 160 is already a tuned up version from VVC with re-modified exhaust and air filter systems to get that 160hp.

SSK2 is good, but would check with the dealers first to see if that won't void your warranty. I would rather have the warranty than a slicker shift. I heard that TF160 is pretty good anyway.

Interior kit should be pretty nice and make the noticeble difference to your wife. :-D

That chrome roll over hoops should be used with Mike's wind stopper to make it more beneficial for your wife as well! (it stops the wind roll up).

Out of those options I would go for
1. Chrome roll over hoops + wind stopper
2. Carbonfibre interior trims (which will cost fair bit)

Both options will cost a lot (compared to others), and do other mods as time goes by.

Piper cross + SSK should be checked with the dealer with warranty issues. Piper cross they might pass, SSK I think would void your warranty for sure.

Good luck! It's gonna be fun!!

Hanah Kim

>> SSK I think would void your warranty for sure. <<

Hmmm, not so sure on that one, here's why:

SSK replaces the entire gear lever assembly with a re-engineered machanism. This effectively improves the feel of the gear change by making it more positive, a 'mechanical' shift as it were. The interconnecting cables to the gear box remain as standard, but the actuating bracket and cable joints are replaced with more robust items. The gearbox is left entirely as standard.

There is no way the SSK can damage any of your gearbox internals, or any other part of the car. If anything, the more precise, controlled shift action is likely to improve the longevity of the standard components as they will be subject to less stress during use.

SF <-- a Big SSK fan! :-)
Scarlet Fever

Hi SF,

Yeah I agree on what you said, try explaining that to the monkeys at MGR.. :-)

That's going to be a harder job..

Unless Pete has a very very nice understandable dealer.

Thanx for your comments
One thing I forgot to mention in my intial thread was that I had previously owned a '98 MGF 1.8i. We loved that ant went to buy a Trophy but landed up with the TF 160 instead with full approval of the missus! Any back to my gear shift quandry, the TF's is a marked improvement to the F as the latter was like 2 stirring porridge at times! The main gripe about the TF's shift is that ,now I've got punchy and free revving engine not to mention the exhaust note! ,it all goes pear shaped when I screw up the shifts ie 2nd to 3rd, 4th to 5th cross shifts. The Satur SSK really looks nice and solid and therefore more positive. The one thing that Mike Satur mentioned when I spoke to him on the phone was they had come accross a lot of gearboxes on new cars with very low oil levels!! With regards to the induction kit I just might settle for a fancy replacement filter KN? On the warranty side my mate actually works as a mechanic for the dealer I am going to get him to fit the SSk if they approve. Oh! the other things comparing the TF with my old F is no light under the bonnet and on the ignition switch!! Rover penny pinching I suspect, but they have improved/bug fixed the car in many ways ie better plastics (even if its the same mk 2 interior- more penny's saved there!) better stiffness and handling.

I too have seen low oil levels in gearboxes. Listen for excess gear noise, especially when everything is fully warmed up. Low oil level often generates more noise.

On the warranty issue you have to remember that the decision as to warranty issues is delegated to dealers, so just like MOT tests there will be variation between dealers in matters of 'degree'. For example I doubt any would question the connection between slickshift and an engine oil leak, but they may baulk at a broken gear change cable.

In recent weeks that have been other spec changes to the cars which has included single horn and removal of the plastic covers on the boot to engine bay cover. On the positive side cars registered after 1st September have better security.

Roger Parker

I knew there was something different under the boot - no grills!!

Hello again!

We went to the "care day" meet at Stanford Hall and met up with Mike Satur with regards to the bitz I proposing to put my TF. The SSK2 is a must, tried the one fitted to Mikes TF. Its well engineered and gives that true sports shift feel and thats in a stationary car with no engine running! The Piper Induction unit also looks the biz! The filter container is massive and the cold air feed duct pipes is at least twice the size as MGR's oe pipe, which by the way is clipped at the rear of the engine bay right behind a hot VVC motor!!!???. Mikes duct reaches down forwards on the LHS to pick cold air from under the car. (If I go fast enough we've got RAM air a la Suzuki bikes!!!)
BY the way my TF has got the grills fitted but I have heard of a few people who haven't... MGR saving money again?

I hope to be fitting SSK2, Piper and chrome hoops soon ...will keep you posted.

P J Lilley

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