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MG MGF Technical - TF160 and pads

Okay I know it is too early to wear out pads on the TF (even with the big front brakes). But having only covered 250 miles the front wheels are already getting very dirty. Something tells me the 11 spoke wheels will be a pain to keep clean.

So having had EBC greens on my old F, I wonder if there is or will be any for the TF?


If not I might end up pretending I bought the low weight alloys :-)


Exactly the same as you on this. Used to haveth green stuff pads on the VVC and got very used to the wheels never getting that dirty, back to standard pads and oh boy the wheels are dirty all the time. :(
Paul Lathwell


>I wonder if there is or will be any for the TF?<

I really do hope so, because they are a bastard to clean. My only salvation is a brush bought to clean the wire wheels on my B GT. Its number W195 in the MGOC catalogue, price £6.95. In all but the immediate caliper area it lets you clean across the full width of the wheel. Still not easy, but it is better than anything else Iíve tried.


Michael Williams

Guys, working on a pad for this ,available soon, and cheaper than the stock one;-)


So why are you wasting time on this board, get back to the drawing board and hurry up :-)



P.S. how easy to fit are your Silvered (ali) air vents?


Paul, if you mean Mikes Chrome Supersport style side intake vents the answer is very easy.
They are superbly made and look great on the car.
Tim Sanders

Hi Tim,

Not these ones as I don't think they will fit the TF :-) the ones I mean are the air vents on the Dash board. I have the nice shiny iterior with the "technical black" finish for the centre console and doors. But the three air verts are in the old flat black and look out of place. So I thought Mike's ali look ones would fit in quite well with the rest of the ali on the car.



best thing to use for cleaning wheel spokes - an old toothbrush. If the dust has been left for some time then Halfords,etc sell brake cleaner in a spray - brilliant, and it doesn't matter if it gets on the disks as it dries with no residue

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