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MG MGF Technical - TF160 - Brake Discs & Pad - Recommendations?


I was advised last MOT (March) that my brake discs were going to need replacing sometime in the future which is not that surprising I suppose they have been on the car for the last 7 years!

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations as whether or not to replace with with OEM discs or something else?

I was also advised the rear pads were getting low and although I'll probably just stick with green stuff again I was wondering what the current pad of choice is?

I can't say I want to be spending very much money on the car as it's sort of been replaced with an MX-5, so ideally I wnat to keep costs down is possible.

Finally, are there any recommendations as to where to purchase the discs/pads from?


Paul Lathwell
Paul Lathwell

I replaced my AP Racing discs with EBC discs (not drilled or grooved) and find them every bit as good as the OEM one - lot cheaper as well.

101 from Brakes4U -

I'm led to believe that the grooved ones can be a bit noisy.

Also, I'm running standard pads, but I've tried the Red Stuff Ceramic pads and they were very good - just depends what you want.
David Clelland

Grooved discs with Mintex 1144 do make a noise on firmer brake applications - the downward glissando is quite interesting at Silverstone, although the brakes are that good it's pretty quick!
Mike Cunningham

I've just bought Unipart discs and pads for about 60 all in.

I've used Mintex 1144 on my MGB GT - they made masses of dust, wore out the discs quickly and the pads lasted no more than a few thousand miles (of hard driving).

I've got EBC grooved discs with Green Stuff pads now. The stopping performance is great, but the fade resistance is not as good as the Mintex pads - and don't believe what they say about the lack of dust!!! Oh, and they squeal, a lot; the pads were too thick to allow shims to be fitted with new disks. May not be a problem on the MGF of course.


I might be wrong, but I think that Paul has a TF160 and as such will need the bigger much more expensive discs - that's the ones I quoted from Brakes4U
David Clelland

Try he'll do a set of standard Trophy/160 discs for 75 and Ultimax road pads for in the region of 25.

I've got EBC Ultimax with EBC greenstuff fitted front and rear on my TF160.

I don't think they are as good at pure stopping as the AP OEM, but they are perecftly adequate and reasonably priced. In addition, although there is still dust, it's much reduced from the OEM combination and no squeal.

I know a number of people with this combination who rave about it.

I'm starting to wonder if I should not just keep my costs down and simply replace the rear pads. I just seem to keep spending money on the TF and don't really know if there is a real gain for me. ;-s
Paul Lathwell

Have EBC grooved 308mm discs and Mintex 1144 pads on my F for the AP calipers - and have to say they're pretty good value. Not too noisy IMO.
Rob Bell

Hi there.

Even if my TF 135 wear standar 240 mm discs, so maybe my information is not too acurate for you, but few months ago I went to the EBC way.

Ultimax discs, and yellowstuff pads front and rear, with godridge stainless steel hoses...

Wow,I've never expected such a difference!!!!

Since I got them, I think just ONE time ABS had to work, as the breaking is so progresive and predictable that you never have your tyres slippering.

And when you really need a hard work, only have to press slightly more firmly.

Discs and pads are VERY quiet doing their job, just a little hruuumm, on heavy breakings.

And about dust... What dust???? Just a little golden dust, almost invisible!!!

Very happy with them, really.

P.S. I bought the upgrade parts online at JRT automotive, VERY good prices (almost half than standar discs and pads at my MG dealer here in Spain...)

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