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MG MGF Technical - TF160 HT leads and plugs

Hopefully this is an easy one! I want to replace the plugs and leads on my 2004 TF 160 and want to make sure I get the right parts before taking the engine cover off. I'm looking at NGK BKR6EIX-11 plugs (which are the Iridium tipped equivalent of PFR6N-11) and I think that's correct. The issue is the HT leads.

As I understand it, the TF 160 has two coil packs mounted directly onto plugs 1 and 3, with HT leads connecting the coils to plugs 2 and 4. Does this mean there are only 2 replaceable HT leads or is there a very short one between the coil and the plug it's mounted above? The RAVE CD only talks about HT lead and plug replacement on the MPi and doesn't say if this is the same as the VVC or not!

Looking at Dieter's online EPC, I think the lead set I need is NGC000030 - but I've no idea what the discription means when it says "Set-high tension lead ignition - Red Band"! Is the red band significant!?

Can anyone clarify any of this for me?

Tim Jenner

Plugs are correct or you can also use BKR6EIX. There are only 2 plug leads but know the MGR number. I'm going to see if magnecor do replacements in KV85.
Blue Pocket Rocket

There was a thread on replacement leads for MEMS3 cars about a year ago I think - and at that stage, Magnecor didn't do them for these engines - but hopefully that will have changed by now.

Let us know what you find out BPR! :o)
Rob Bell

This thread was discussed on 14/07/2006

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