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MG MGF Technical - TF & Kenwood 5090 CD/Radio

That Kenwood CD/Radio is indeed sh1te! The only thing it does well is sound bad! It sounded crap whatever I adjusted. Very fiddly and awkward to set up. Whipped it out of my TF and fitted my Pioneer Radio/Cass/6CD autochanger from my F. Bliss, Perfect!

Anyway put the Kenwood in my wife's Focus and it sounds really great? How strange, I think it must be the Focus acoustics/speaker match or their locations.

She's happy, I'm happy!

PS On the TF there's an unused tapped hole on the tunnel top just under the heater motor (it wasn't on the MGF; had to drill a hole for a self tapper). It's just right for the earth connection for the glovebox mounted autochanger; looks like they've thought it through?! Maybe! I'd love to know what it's for though!

Anyone else given up with the 5090?

Ian Walker


I upgraded to the MP6090R when I ordered my F and it sounds fine in my TF. No problems with it at all in that respect. Like a lot of car radios though it is a little on the fiddly side when you are not familiar with it.
Paul Lathwell

I liked the 5090, but I agree is was tedious to set up.

Does anyone know what the correct speaker setting is on the TF 160? The choices are 6/6x9 in, 5/4 inc and O.E.M. Confused, I certainly am!

Angela Hartnup

I know this doesn't directly answer your question but I used OEM on the Focus, it has a similar set up to the TF; 2xFr Tweeters, 2xFr Speakers, 2xRr Speakers.

I'm guessing as the page (12) in the manual is less than helpful 6 off 6x9" is a sort of MPV set up, 5 off 4" is a sort of saloon set up with the 5th speaker being a bass one. But I'm puzzled on both counts as it only has 4x speaker connections. OEM is short for original eqipment manufacture. I guess the first two settings are for serious 'Max Power' magazine type set-ups?!

Worth asking the question to a car audio fitting specialist!
Ian Walker

I have very little use for any ICE other than to tell me about the traffic queue I joined a few minutes before, plus for some background noise.

I find the Kenwood range ergonomics appalling and potentially dangerous, if any adjustment is needed unless you stop. On the ZS I ditched the OE Kenwood and fitted a cheap and cheerful JVC unit that has simple controls, and I anticipate the TF Kenwood may follow suit.

Roger Parker

Kenwood what Kenwood ?? Must have got stiched up!!! As an unamed dealer told me that the Kenwood was an extra cost on the TF160 , just got a blank plate!! Do they owe me some 's ? :(

Yes they do!

You are entitled to Kenwood 5090 CD/Radio see the page in the A4 TF brochure - or see the dealers mates car down the pub....
Ian Walker


Er, sorry if this is too obvious. But the radio controls plate flips right over through 180 degrees (as well as being removeable in the other direction). So it has a blank face in one position and the controls showing in the other, or it can be taken right out.


In the brochure I have, the TF 160 comes with a 6 cd autochanger as standard. HTH,

"the kdc5090R is the standard unit within the vehicle list price for TF160 and is a dealer fit no cost option"

Though the column for the autochanger also has a mark to indicate standard fitment.


Leigh - are you sure?
Ian walker

Leigh, just ordered TF with single slot, are you sure, confused.........
M D Walton

I've had a look at brochure - it is confusing! the two tables are separate ( not to be read as one table!) top one is nonsense... the bottom one combination fits. The important bit is the text between the tables. Thus the 160 has 5090 and the 6-cd not available.

Ian Walker

Had this clarified to-day, as I read the brochure correct the TF does come with a single slot cd/radio. the suppling dealer initially said this was a cost option so I said don't bother. They do owe me a refund but now say I got a discount to compensate ,LOL.Any one want to buy a TF,solar Red, no radio , no air con,one owner with genuine low miles. LOL.

'I got a discount to compensate' - can they prove that, is it itemised? if not sounds like bullsh*t and they're pulling a fast one. Did the contract you signed describe the goods i.e. 'new vehicle estimate' print out include, as mine does, 'Kenwood dealer ICE preparation 0.00'? tricky if it didn't as I think the dealer has to select it on the computer to add that to the estimate. If it is, in see CAB. If it isn't, show them the brochure 'describing goods for sale' and tell them they are in breach of contract. Contact CAB and or Rover customer desk.

If all else fails get a poster made up in your car window saying xxxx ripped a CD Radio off you and park in their customer car park on a Saturday - seems to help them help you for some reason....
Ian Walker

Ian, It says 'dealer ice prep-- F-O-C ' Usual sales BS is all I've heard so far! Two customers of mine have decided not to buy from this garage after hearing this, I have only aired some of the details here as negotiations are still going on, cheers Mike.

If anyone is having problems with the fiddly controls on the Kenwood unit there is an infra red streering wheel remote available. This can be fitted on the back of the steering wheel and after, a short time period getting used to it, is easy to use. I wouldn't be without mine.

Cost is only 19.99 inc vat and delivery from
Pete Fincher

I agree - I've got the remote too and it's great (a bit
'heath robinson' perhaps - sticky pads to get it to attach to the back of the wheel etc but it's a damn sight better than fiddling with the stereo itself.


Well I'll agree that the brochure is confusing! Depends what the mean by 'standard fitment' I suppose, which is where I'm getting confused. I thought standard fitment meant it came with the car and was included in the price of the car. However the text does say 'single cd' is no cost option.

I actually took this to mean (the 1st time I read it, but I'm no lawyer) that the car as standard came with a radio/tape head unit and autochanger as standard, but if you preferred the single CD one you could get the dealer to change it for you for nothing (they'd obviously keep the standard head unit and autochanger). I thought that was a great option, however was obviously too good to be true!

I'll check again tonight. I've got the small one too, so there may be a different perspective in there!


The brochure is certainly not as well worded or layed out in the best way, but it is all very clear what car comes with what if you read it carefully - and usually more than once! :)

Pricing for all models includes x amount for ICE....

"The KDC 5090R** is the standard unit within the vehicle list price for TF160 and is a dealer fit No Cost Option."

Not very clear I agree, but it does make sense. What they are saying is that...

1. Included in the price of the TF160 is the KDC 5090R single slot CD player.
2. This is fitted by the dealer as opposed to being fitted in the factory.
3. It is a No Cost Option because you've already paid for it in the price of the car.

All ICE is fitted at the dealer regardless whether it is the "standard unit within the vehicle list price" or one of the COST OPTIONS such as the 6 Disc CD changer (KDC C467).

The two tables are particularly poorly thought out and can be confusing if you don't look carefully...

The top table shows clearly that all models are fitted with Kenwood ICE as standard and what speaker configurations apply to what model, ie. only the TF115 differs.

The second table is where is can get confusing if you start looking at it the wrong way. The first two rows show you what ICE equipment is included in the price of each model as standard "No Cost Option". Here only the TF160 differs in that the car's prices includes the single slot CD player KDC 5090R, whereas all other models come with the Radio/Casette KDC 379R. The remainder of this table then go on to show what features each of the various ICE units have.

Hope this makes it a little clearer for those of you confused?
Paul Lathwell

Paul, thanks for that info, will pass it on to my supplying dealer so he won't screw up again,LOL.

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