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MG MGF Technical - The 'F' Will not beat me!!!


The F has been in Hong Kong for 3 months. And it has broken down on three occasions.

1. Complete electrical failure. Nothing worked.
Fixed. 85 quid.
2. Dropped coolant. New radiator fitted. Compression test etc etc.
Fixed. 217 quid.
3. Turned on car EPAS does not come on, and it locks doors, then it trys to relock the doors about 100 times.
Unfixed. ??? quid

This ofcourse is just to add to the list of things that happened in the UK, but I usually get 6 months between breakdowns.

Is she punishing me for dragging her to HK I wonder? I know my "real" girlfriend certainly is! (I love the place personally)

But I wont let either of them win out. In particular my F........SHE WILL WORK DAMN IT!!

But may I ask. Its probably the wiring loom right? What could I do? It is perhaps DIY'able?

P Shepherd

Mmm, the Epas system is fed by a chunky live off the battery that leads to a rather large fuse 80A orange on the mgtf in a white plastic cover near the undebonnet fusebox, maybe check the fuse and the connection on the battery.

I only know this as have just stripped the Epas system out of an MGTF and stuck it on Ebay.

Good Luck

Joe T

This thread was discussed between 20/01/2007 and 21/01/2007

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