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MG MGF Technical - The Next Step?

Ok so far....

MS Sprint Exhaust
De Cat Pipe
52mm TB
3 Bar FPR
Fettled exhaust manifold (after this weekend)
MS Poly bush kit
EBC green stuff pads

So what should be my next step. I'm thinking either new cams or head work?

Thoughts please.
Bob Millar

It's all very well getting the car to go in a straight line, but how about improving its cornering. I'd suggest lowering and new shockers. You might also consider bigger brakes rather than just different pads.
David Clelland

I'd agree with DC

1. Tech-Speed suspension package (Bilsteins etc.)
2. Grooved discs and Mintex pads or upgrade fronts to larger discs/calipers.
2. enclose K&N or swap for enclosed filter
3. DVA head - choose from

After that you're into big money!
Dave Livingstone

> 2. enclose K&N or swap for enclosed filter

Sorry should have mentioned it is enclosed.

I'm quite happy with the handling but I suppose if I tried an uprated car I would see the difference! Lol.
Bob Millar

Yep, i agree with the above, improve the cars' handling and stopping before increasing the speed.


1) Handling package, Techspeed, Mike Satur or similar.
2) Uprated brakes - lots to choose from here, MG/AP, MS, HighSpec etc.

3) Head and cams together (makes sense to do both at the same time). Don't be tempted to go too wild with the cams as they can impact on the 'normal' day-to-day drivability.

Then you are into big money, from here there are a number of options, but most will require some form of bottom end strengthening to ensure longevity. A TT supercharger is circa 5K, but coupled with a ported head will produce more than 200bhp, this is more than i feel the standard bottom end can handle, so the price escalates dramatically. Likewise with the BBR Turbo option. I am at this point now, and am seriously considering NOS, mainly because the boost is controlable and therefore i can safely add say +20bhp without breeching the bottom end limits. It is also cheaper than the other options.

Scarlet Fever

I think I'd be looking at handling next too Bob - and perhaps grooved brake rotors and better pads. But putting that to one side, where you go next is dependent on how you want to proceed.

You can go the quantum leap, and go for a full DVA-style engine upgrade (ported head, multiple throttle bodies, rorty cams, Emerald M3D ECU etc)

Or you can keep the engine and engine management effectively standard, and just go for cams (the original Piper BP270H grind is apparently best for the standard ECU) - which would probably be my next stop if pursuing this policy.

Where do you ultimately see your engine developments heading Bob? Having a clear objective in mind will save you money in the long term in avoiding purchasing parts that you'll later only end up replacing.
Rob Bell

This thread was discussed on 22/01/2004

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