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MG MGF Technical - Things come in 3s, Radiator 2day- best place 2buy?

Hi guys n gals

I've had a spot of bother over the last few weeks with the F. It seems its reaching "that age"!

1. Brake discs and pads all round to be replaced. Permanent scraping sound now. (kerr-ching )

2. Flexi-hose linkage in exhaust system split. (kerr-ching )

3. Today, got to work and a nice jet of water coming out of the front grille. Radiator leak. (kerr-ching )

Grrrrr. And all this cost just when I don't need it - 2 weeks before my wedding using wedding cars tonbridge!

So - any hints on where to buy a new rad. from?

And - for the purposes of getting home - should I even consider rad weld?

The coolant system will be fully flushed and coolant replaced in a week or so anyway, but will the radweld stay in the system even after then?

Many thanks.



Considering your luck I wouldnt chance it..

A HGF on the way home makes a very loud "Kerr-ching" in your pocket..

I dont think i would risk it but others might have a different opinion

S.C. Dickens

>should I even consider rad weld?


sorry, errm no I would not _EVER_ use rad weld on a k-series. Are you sure it's comming from the radiator, not a hose clip leaking?. If you buy a new radiator get a mgtf one as they are alloy.
Scarlet will be along in a minute to tell you (with pictures) how difficult it is to change the radiator, haven't done it myself, but dont see why you shouldn't be able to do it in the carpark at work.

>2. Flexi-hose linkage in exhaust system split.
Don't go to MGR for this, go to a local exaust fitter, Rob recently did this on his drive, not a huge job, can get second hand parts from MGF centre if you are short of cash

>1. Brake discs and pads all round to be replaced. Permanent scraping sound now.

They really are not difficult to change, buy the bits from Halfords and do it yourself (really cheap, honset)
Will Munns

>>> 3. Today, got to work and a nice jet of water coming out of the front grille. <<<

Although it is comming out of the front grill, check the plastic bleeding screw on the righthand side top of the radiator. Quick and easy chack and it could be broken.

>>> Grrrrr. And all this cost just when I don't need it - 2 weeks before my wedding! <<<

Probably the most expensive thing on your list ;o)
Whish you all the best !!

Good quick advice from Erik - it happened to me too. The bleed screw is plastic and the head shears off. Thankfully, a new one will cost very little kerr-ching


Thanks all!

My luck indeed, Stu - did I tell you about the 4 (four) head gaskets I have had on this one engine?! An F1 Ferarri mech couldn't change a wheel faster than my "team" can change a HG!!!

Ok then, a defnite NO to radweld, as I thought.

Interesting on the flexihose. Is it a generic 'part' then, (or easily adapted from a generic part)?

I was under the impression that my 98 F should have an alloy rad on it anyway? It originally had one on it, but I replaced it with a non-alloy one (original was damaged beyond repair - this one came 2nd hand).

It therefore has no bleed valve (it has to be done on the hose) so it can't be this - besides I can clearly see where the nice tiny little jet of water is springing from!

So I know that its quite simple to change. In a way I'm relieved as I'd been wondering where the small amount of water had been going over the last few weeks. (1 pint every 150 miles or so). I was getting nervous that it might be more serious.

Anyway - my brother has offered to attempt a repair if the damage is minor. Long term I think I'll source another replacement - alloy one hopefully. (any offers?...!!)

Cheers all

I too recommend the TF rad, It is all alloy and is an improvement to the MGF version and only costs about 20 more.

Mike Satur does an upgraded version of the Rad which has a larger capacity and therefore has better cooling properties, this is useful if you have any upgrades or performance mods.

It is interesting that you say you have had 4 HGFs and have replaced the rad previously, it is essential the bleeding of the cooling system is done correctly as air can get trapped in the extremely long waterways, this causes hot spots and can lead to HGF.

Make sure when the rad is replaced that someone who knows the correct procedure actually bleeds the system, instructions are available in the archives with pictures if you do need help.


Shock Horror......4 HGF's on the same engine?

This must be some kinda record??

S.C. Dickens

Had a new rad fitted in my MGF about 3 months ago at Tech Speed (01926 632066). It was a re cored one which they recommended. It cost just 80 and is aluminium, as are all MGF rads.

Bruce Caldwell

Chris - the span between new rad and 1st HGF was a good, ooh, say 35k miles. Don't think it was a bleeding problem!

the next hgf was 7k later, but the others came in very quick succession due to complications (unseen flaw in the head) so really, were probably avoidable. To quote 4 HGFs is probably unfair to the MG - i'd let it off with 2...!

cheers all

Julian, I worked in car rads for 6 years. If you have replaced it with a non alloy version then im guessing but it will probably be copper fins and brass tubing.
If you can see a steady jet of water this may suggest a stone has punctured the tubing.
if it is copper / brass construction any radiator place could remove it, solder the hole and put in back in for you for very little cost.
Obviously they will try and sell you a new one but these copper / brass rads are actually soldered in the manufacturing process and repairs can be done.

D Jamieson

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