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MG MGF Technical - throttle body

if i fit a 52mm throttle body to my 1.8i will it make my mpg worse
r henry

Probably worse, 'cos you will be able to get the motor to higher rev's more readily (otherwise what's the point of converting). Unless you are going to restrict yourself to less than 4,000 and don't put your foot too far down getting there, then more revs across a given distance uses more fuel - i.e. less mpg. I'd agree more efficient fuel delivery and breathing could give more mpg, but I suspect in practice you won't see this.

In my experience, driving style makes a huge difference to mpg. If I thrash my standard t.body VVC past 4,000 I get low 20's to the gallon. Pipe and slippers driving gets mid 30's. My BMW diesel will do 54mpg+ driven without turbo boost especially at motorway speeds and just 35 or so if thrashed in all gears.

Throttle body upgrade is a job I'd like to do for higher performance, and to heck with the mpg! However I am not sure what it (and a matching K&N) will do to the insurance premiums.

J Lennon

I doubt that you'll notice that much impact to fuel consumption to be honest.

In much the same way I doubt that an insurance company will notice the difference between an alloy 48 and 56mm throttle body when it's in the car...

But I did not say that. I would definitely always declare mods because if you don't..........
Rob Bell

thanks for feed back think i will stick to a 48mm alloy body only 40mph speed limit over here thanks again
r henry

You'll get better throttle response with the 52mm TB which will mean you can get to 40mph more quickly :o)


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