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MG MGF Technical - Throttle Body and a Vader

I'm planning a DIY fit of a 52mm throttle body and the Vader Induction Kit this weekend. Im no rocket scientist when it comes to car mechanics, but i've taken a mate of my on board (who is) to help out. Can any one give me advice on how to go about fitting these to my car. The throttle body was purchased new from Mike satur, and based on the fitting instructions i found seems fairly straight forward. The Vader was puchased second hand. It's in mint condition and has the cold air feed which i understand needs to be directed towards the left air intake. One of my many questions is, does the Vader require mounting anywhere? If so any advice on how to go about it...

Basically, any help from someone who has these items would be highly appreciated : )

JW Ioannou

Hi I have both fitted to my car,the TB is a straight swap, I think one of the 4 bolts is fiddly to tighten but use a ratchet spanner and it is ok.The Vader has a large jubilee clip which attaches to where the old airbox was(if I remember correctly)and holds the body in place,then you can cut the blue silicon tubes to fit and position the cold air feed into the left hand air intake .Hope this makes sense
Andy Goddard

Thanks for the heads up Andy. Any suggestions if i don't have the Juiblee Clip : (
JW Ioannou

You could get a jubilee clip at a local hardware store, just make sure it is long enough.

When you put in the TB make sure it is centered on the inlet plenum. You can do this with a small (vanity) mirror. Id the TB is not centered the ridges may obstruct airflow.

Johan Slagter

If you can't get one large Jubilee Clip, just join two (or more) smaller ones together to give you the desired size.
David Clelland

The jubilee clip is rather large, as it goes around the filter housing, keeping the filter in place. Have a look at the pictures on this page:


Thank you all for your advice... however... i must admit i'm still a little lost : /

Is the objective of the Jubilee clip to keep the filter housing in place (as in together), or is the objective to fasten the filter to something sturdy (like the engine or does the existing filter mount???) to prevent it from shaking about?

Sorry for the trouble. Being in Cyprus is a nightmare when it comes to any work on a british car as there's nowhere to turn to for advice (thanks god for this site and everyone that's offered to help : )
JW Ioannou

Hi JW, have you got the standard airbox in place at the moment? Andy
Andy Goddard

Yup, standard MG filter...
JW Ioannou

Erik, surely you have changed those 'standard' plug leads;-))
JW, if you contact the office we can e-mail you instructions to fit this. It sounds as though the large jubilee and retaining bracket is missing.
Don't forget to have the stepper motor parameters reset after fitting the TB.

Hi JW the air box is removed when fitting the Vader,leaving a support bracket which is used to support the Vader body using the large clip with bolt etc attached
Andy Goddard

I can now confirm that changing a TB is a 15 to 20 minute job. As for installing a vader induction kit, what a nightmare!!! The hardest part i found was getting rid of the existing filter! There's this box wedged in the left hand corner of the engine bay that was obstructing the induction pipe from reaching the intake. How that box was put in, let alone how it comes out is a mystery. We ended up having to hack, saw, pull and tug, only to see it come out 1 and a half hours later...! Knackered but feeling relieved, it was a simple task from there on. We thought that maybe it would be easier if we had removed the left wheel, but alas, with wheel locks on and no key : ( the idea was soon dropped....

The whole operation took a total of 3.5 hours, but the effort paid off... what a massive difference a TB and a vader make!!!!!! I have pictures of the whole process for anyone interested, plus a lovely picture of a dismembered/mutilated standard MG filter : ))

During the process we figured that the existing filter looked like it had not been cleaned in years (even though the car was allegedly serviced 4 months ago), and... it was not even assembled correctly onto the existing TB meaning a definate loss of pressure...!

TB and a Vader is a smart move for any MGF'r and many many thumbs up to Mike Satur!! (and all who helped along the way : )
JW Ioannou

>>> Erik, surely you have changed those 'standard' plug leads;-)) <<<
<grin> Do I see a small hint here ;o)

Well done JW.... maybe we did forget that there was still the original filtr housing in place. I did an upgrade from K&N 57i to Vader, which is much easier as the filtrbox was removed by the installation of the K&N. (

JW>>and many many thumbs up to Mike Satur!!>> err sounds painful.. will give that a miss if you don't mind.
Erik, no hint, I remember the misfire you had a while ago;-)

Sorry for hijacking the thread....
>>> Erik, no hint, I remember the misfire you had a while ago;-) <<<
We did change the leads during the Treffen, we left the convoy earlier together with Dieter to find a rotor arm, dizzy cap and a set of plug leads. All found except the leads. Drove a 100 miles to meet the guy from Motoconcept, dismantled the car ourselves, waited a few hours to hear he hadn't got the correct set of leads. At last we found the plug leads (Rover dealer further away) and changed them on the car park of our Berlin hotel, but no solution.
So the leads are kind of 'hard earned'.

We haven't suffered from the phenomenon since we installed the PTP kit. So it could be head/ECU related.


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