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MG MGF Technical - Ticking noise under braking

Any ideas - strange ticking noise has developed under braking. It is certainly noisier as the brakes apply and then gradually disappears until the next braking. Seems to be coming from rear wheel but having trouble pinning it down. Had a look at offside and nothing seems astray around the brakes, plenty of pad left and nothing caught in the caliper. It's as if something is rubbing as the calipers squeeze. Then as they gradually free up, as the pedal releases, it goes away. Booked in for service at Brown & Gammons anyway next week - the big one, 500 job with cambelt - yikes.

When the cars ABS braking system is activated the brakes will make a ticking noise which is an audible sign that they have been activated. This should only happen under harsh braking conditions, if you are braking normally you should not hear the clicking noise. They should check the brakes when you have your car serviced. I would guess there is a fault with the ABS sensor which thinks the brakes are overloading therefore switching the system to the anti lock mode.
TJM Mckinnon

Well could be I guess, but I've experienced the ABS in action and you can feel it activating through the pedal. I'm not getting anything like that and the noise is there even after the brakes are released, it just quietens down as the pad pressure frees up with the disc rotation. It definately sounds like something just catching. Also wouldn't the ABS be constant frequency. This noise frequency is directly proportional to wheel rotational speed. I wondered if the disc might be warped but again surely I'd feel a vibration.


Are the disks running true, ie no slight wobble? Is the ticking in time with the wheel revolving?
Just a thought...

Bruce Caldwell

Sorry Gordon,

Didn't read your last message before engaging fingers!

Bruce Caldwell

So the car's been in for 60k service at B&G today. Pretty impressed by them. Only fault is the rotor coupling in the steering wheel giving the dreaded SRS light. Needs fixing but it can wait a couple of weeks. Only seems a problem when the weather's hot strangely - like last Friday. Now they stripped the brakes as part of the service and found absolutely no fault. They said they couldn't detect any noise that shouldn't be there and I'm wondering in now if this is an expected noise. I replaced pads all round and front discs a short while a go. I changed to greenstuff pads and greenstuff grooved disks. Could the noise just be the grooved disks doing what they should be doing. Maybe I haven;t noticed it before because I've just taken the hard top off a couple of weeks ago. Any one else fitted greenstuff and found this sort of ticking noise as you apply brakes?

Hi Gordon,
grooved disks as well as holed ones does give a faint sound under braking as per Your description ! The reason that this noise can be heard is that You need a K&N and a decent sport exthaust. That combination drowns a lot of worries ! :)

Regards , Carl.

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