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MG MGF Technical - Tie Bar Bushes

Can anyone give me advice on how to replace tca/tie bar bushes on my 98 VVC. Also fitted K&N + 52mm TB WOW what a difference.
a goddard

I might be doing this a little later today. I had a look last weekend and it looks prety straight forward. Jack the car, remove the wheel and undo the nut you can see on the end of the tie bar. On the other end of the tie bar which is a little bit hidden under the car is a nut holding the other end in place. Remove this one too and you should have the whole tie bar off. The old bushes should remove pretty easily and then push the new two-part bush inplace and re-assemble, just remember to use plenty of the silicone grease on the poly bush before fitting else they squeak to high heaven.
Tell me how you get on and THEN I'll do mine :0)

tim woolcott

This thread was discussed on 27/04/2003

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