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MG MGF Technical - Timing Belt

Anyone know any independent garages around Runcorn / Warrington / Liverpool that can be trusted to change a timing belt on my 96 F


I took mine all over the place to find a better deal, independent garages won't do it as the tools are unique to MG garages. I phonned four MG garages and got the price down to 235.00 which was the bet price, started at 400.00.

Plus if this goes wrong I'd rather sue an MG garage, if you know what I mean.

Mike Gibson
Mike Gibson

>independent garages won't do it as the tools are unique to MG garages.

I'm not so sure about this, the engine is just a k-series, the only tool I know of which is specific is the cam locking tool- a bit of bent metal for less than 5. The diffalculty I understand to be that the cam belt goes around an engine mount (clever design guys!) so the engine has to be 'unmounted' to get the belt off/on.

Will Munns

John, wasn't the timing belt changed at the 5 year service? you should be good for another few years if it had.

Will Munns

The only 'tools' unique to MGR are or rather is Testbook and even that is no longer unique as LandRover (Fords) also use the K series engine.

On top od that it has been done as a DIY job - not by me I hasten to add.

Ted Newman

Agreed - no unique tools required. The cam lock tool can be readily purchased from a number of sources.

Mind you, if the garages concerned can't be bothered to find this out, then I for one wouldn't trust them to do a good job!!!

If you don't mind going for a bit of a drive to find an mg specialist, might I recommend Mike Satur in Rotherham or Techspeed near Leamington Spa? Excellent service that you can trust from both (and indeed you can see Mike Satur's handy work in a number of national/international magazine publications!)
Rob Bell

Managed to get our MG garage down to 180 so going with that. I was told the belt had been changed when I bought it but there is no record of it in my book so I would rather pay to have it done again than take a chance on a new engine, I've had unfortunate experiences with timing belts before and don't want to repeat them.
Thanks everyone

Rob Bell
"you can buy the cam lock tool from a number of places"
Where? Halfords or any other High Street store?
(I know Mike Satur sells them but don't want the potch of mail order). Any tips appreciated


>>>>I know Mike Satur sells them but don't want the potch of mail order
===cannot understand this - you could dial his number in less time than typing your posting, and he will ensure you get the correct tool - try making that guarantee with a Halford's counter assistant. You just have to be organised enough to do it between 9 and 5 on a weekday ;-)

All the usual suspects sell them - which is to say Mike Satur, B&G etc etc.

Actually, MS might be your best bet - seriously - for the convience of a quick phone call as David says!

But I believe Halfords sell them (not confirmed), as would any automotive tool shop (seen it listed online, but have lost the bookmark - d'oh!) and presumably autofactors (Cafco et al).

Or you could go to your local MG dealer's parts department (I haven't got the part number here - isn't it in the workshop manual?)
Rob Bell

You may find a local Motor Factor will sell this sort of tool: they're commonly used on DOHC engines....

(still waiting to get mine back on the road after the cam-belt change service - new/reconditioned VVC unit fitted to the cam carrier winging its way from Mike, and then all that's need is for Mel to come out and fit it, when he's found his tools after his move!)

Way back in the archives I described how I did it myself - twice as it happens 'cos somehow I put the 'old' belt back on first time :-(

Stopping the cams turning is the easy bit.

John Thomas

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