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MG MGF Technical - To buy or not to buy. That is the question

Hi guys. Perhaps a question that will provoke varied responses. Im also posting on the MGF site.

In 1996 I bought a new MGF having been an MG fan for years. I looked forward to wind in the hair motoring for years but by the time I could afford to buy, most of the hair had gone!
I expected to keep the F for years but one problem after another finally convinced me to sell in 2001.
I'm hankering for another MG (time heals)but cannot decide whether to go for a classic MGB, (less hassle??)the car that started my MG interests or another MGF. Since the car would be for pleasure (ie not the main family car) I would be limited to spending aroung 5K max this time. What would you do?
P.G Hutchinson

You should try the midget too, It's much more fun than either of the others, but not so much joy on the motorway.
The F is quite forgiving, very easy to drive, good view, very safe (both in a crash and in a carpark) and you can put the hood up or down in 3 seconds.
With the same money you can buy a top notch midget or a Ok F.

The B will certainly not be less hastle (easily 10 times more maintance), but the hastle will be easier to fix when it comes round (imperial spanners and not much else).

That said the F is a modern, and the drive will never have the style of a classic.
Will Munns

Cant comment on the B or the Midget, but 5K should get you a nice F, if you look on E-bay you could get an 98-99 with very low milage for that kind of money, was told a early TF went for less than 7k last week(reserve met!)

This thread was discussed on 29/04/2005

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