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MG MGF Technical - To Stéphane, Steve White and others?

Hi everybody:

In the annual revision, I've the idea to fit the X-power induction kit. My workshop's chief told me about the increasing sound of the engine with that kit. Is very loud or simply a little more than the original filter?

Tx in advance.

Jose V. Escartí

The X-Power induction kit is the ITG one, yes ?
I cannot comment on this kit in particular, but an enclosed airfilter kit won't make much more noise than the standard one.
First, the extra sound will only come under "heavy" acceleration, and then, the sound of the filter will be alot attenuated by the enclosure.
Go for it !
It doesn't compare at all to a noisy exhaust

Steve White is away on business at the moment so you probably wont get a reply from him for a while. And as he has just picked up his new TF which hasn't got it on it will be a comment from memory.

I have a TF160 and have parked next to Steve whilst we had engines running. I can't say his was much louder than mine, but Steve did have a replacement exhaust as well which changes the note a fair bit.

The noise increase with just the ITG is not massive in my opinion.
David M

Fabrice is correct - the ITG is unoticeable unless you accelerate hard and even then it is nowhere as loud as a K&N. Practically any exhaust other than a standard one will drown out the sound completely.
Dave Livingstone

The good news about the X-power kit (ITG) is that it is not loud unless you rev'up hard the engine... It is actually even lower in tone than the Viper pipercross.

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