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MG MGF Technical - toasty tyres - am I normal?

As a paranoid new F owner with a meagre 400 miles under my belt, I followed the advice of someone on this BBS and felt the temperature of my front tyres soon after a 30 mile journey.

Don't worry, I did it in the dark - I don't want the neighbours thinking I have unnatural preferences for my car.

The inner edges of both tyres were noticeably warmer than the outside edges. Is this a reliable indicator of wear, or do the outer edges just get more air-cooling? The car is still (allegedly) standard Rover set up (toe out on the front, I believe, though I'm no expert).

Is it time to pootle along to Brown and Gammons to get the alignment re-done? I presume uneven wear should be nipped in the bud?
David Bainbridge


Glad to hear that you waited until after dark!

As you say inside wear needs to be checked for, but I think I would give it a few more miles yet and perhaps have it checked when the car goes in for its first service.

Ted Newman

Or get paranoid like me and get the tracking checked at every oppurtunity. I over do it a bit though, i think i have had it done about three times this year so far!

Interesting observation. I think Dirk reported similar temperature gradients across the width of the car which he ascribed to early signs of tyre wear. I haven't checked my tyres in this way David recently, but I did check it some time ago, and the temperature was pretty much equal.

I reckon that a re-track is in order: cheaper than new tyres!
Rob Bell

Just had my tracking done, they left the steering wheel slightly off center, not a problem but a little annoying. You only find this out on the way home. I now have it set Toe in 5 min front (each side) and 0 at the rear...

If you do find the tyres wearing on the inside, try a toe in setting at the front, this may cure your problem and make the handling better also...

If your tyres wear down at the front on a car under warranty it is worth asking Rover to contribute to the cost of new tyres, many have had a good response to this and Rover have been known to pay 50% towards the cost of the new tyres.
Tony Smith

Rob is right, I did this test aswell when my SO2s were fitted (even during daylight ;) and I had them rebalanced when I felt this warmer inside... then I thought it would be ok... and in less than 2 weeks the SO2s were trashed (t-o-t-a-l-l-y eaten on inside)

So I don't know what to recommend, but I assure you that when they were eaten away they still heated much more noticeably on the inner side. SO2s are too sensible IMHO, because of their soft compound and the too unstable MGF tracking.

Tyre temps are a superb indicator as to what area of the tyre is either doing the most work, or is at the worst conflict with the road surface. A hot tyre is not something that i would be unduly worried about as at times the temps will be hot enough to cause your skin instant damage!! (Hard fast runs, driven wheels on rolling road and similar)

Uneven temps does point towards greater wear in the hotter parts.

Time to make that appointment!

Roger Parker

I can safely say that despite Dirks experience i have not had any problems with S02s on the front. Completly even wear (except the outside of the left front - due to most tracks going round in the same direction :) ) the tyres have also lasted a long time on the front (12k and still a lot left). This is with the toe in 5 min on each wheel. I would recomend this to anyone.

My tyres used to wear down on the inside just like Dirks until I changed the tracking to toe in at the front.

I also had the camber out of spec on one of my front wheel just like Dirk, the camber problem was miraculously cured when I had the polly bushes fitted.
Tony Smith

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