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MG MGF Technical - Top end rattle in engine & other

We have a couple of problems with our '97 VVC and wondered if others have struck similar problems. we've owned the car for over a year now and done about 10,000kms.

Smell of petrol has been there since we've had the car - read your FAQ so I removed the pump unit and checked the seal and the connections - all looked OK - if it persists I'll replace the seal.

Intermittent miss - appears to be fuel starvation - replaced fuel filter checked connections, problem still persisting. Will have to have the fuel pump pressure checked and if OK then send it into the agents for diagnostics of the engine management system.

Top end rattle in engine, not unlike the sound (tinny) of a TR2 with a broken timing chain tensioner - appears to be around the back cam belt area, removed cover looks OK however the belt has been replaced before we purchased the vehicle, any ideas?

General - took it out for a test with all the covers off - sounds just like a '60s VW.

Cheers Dennis
Dennis Montgomery

<<intermittenent missfire>>

Have you changed the HT leads? I had the same problem with a '97 VVC and a set of B&G sports leads solved it


<<intermittenent missfire>>

In my case this was down to a worn Dizzie cap, might be that.

Steve Childs

lol, balls. Just remembered the VVC doesn't have one, ignore my last post.

Steve Childs

Top end rattle is exactly what I experienced before the inlet cam wheel bolt failed. Search the archives there should be loads on it.
Steve Brough

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