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MG MGF Technical - Topping up oil

Hi all,

I check my F's oil and coolant levels regularly (HGF fear!) however on this occasion I noticed that my oil level is ever so slightly down on what it was a few days previously. As some of you may know I also have the tappetty noise problem. The question is, is it just a matter of topping up on oil. She's using Castrol 10/40 semi synthetic, so can I just top up on this?

Emma Jackman

Short answer is YES

BUT how much oil is she down? There is about one litre between the 'low' mark and the 'high' mark.

How long since the last oil change? If it due an oil change soon then perhaps it is better to get all new oil - after perhaps a good engine flush.
Ted Newman

It's not that low, I'll have another look tomorrow but it's gone from right up to the max line and dropped a little way down, no way near the min line though. Last oil change was at the beginning of July, only about 3500 miles ago.

In that case I'll get myself down Halfords tomorrow and spend some (more) money!

Cheers Ted
Emma Jackman

i also have the tappety noise only occurs when i have not used the car for some 2 weeks or more,( second car for me weekend use),used regually it is fine. The noise on mine goes when the oil is up to temp. It has not done it for 4 months , but it was back last week as not used the car for a while. I gave it a good run and a hard drive ( when oil and temp warmed up) now it is ok again, but it will be back again. my car is always serviced when needed ..hope this helps, mel..
m e johnson

This thread was discussed on 16/11/2005

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