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MG MGF Technical - Toptip of the week: fit the hardtop + tonneau cover !

Refitted the hardtop today. As last year, prior to fitting the hardtop, Dirk & I fitted the tonneau cover on our MGFs (or do you call it a hood cover? You know, the useless rubber thing supposed to cover the top when driving 'roof down').

You're only required to make a very small (discrete -approx. an inch) incision on both sides of the tonneau cover (use a sharp cutter), to allow the locking of the hardtoplocks (behind the seats).

We can highly recommend to fit the hood-cover prior to fitting the hardtop, because:
1. it looks nice from an aesthaetic point of view (covers the complete top - all's nice 'n clean behind the seats);
2. it does not disturb at all your rear view, when looking in the rear view mirror;
3. it nicely hides the demister-cable;
4. it's an extra-protection for your softtop plastic rearscreen, if you do not remove it when you install your hardtop (no dust trouble, and better isolation when the MGF is exposed to freezing temperatures);
5. finally a useful purpose for that useless tonneau-cover ;-)

Disadvantages ? Not really, apart from:
1. the very small (discrete - approx. an inch) incision on both sides of he tonneau cover, to allow the locking of the hardtoplocks (behind the seats); really no big deal, so your tonneau cover gets *not* at all mutilated, well on the contrary, you recycle it when you use it for topdown driving outside the winter season;
2. the little rubbing sound, in the beginning, of the tonneau cover slightly rubbing against the hardtop; equally not really a big deal, because that's getting less observable after a few drives, and you're getting used to it anyway or don't hear it when you turn on your hifi or floor the car (K&N+SP = goodbye rubbing sounds ;-)

Maybe Dirk should post some pictures to see how it looks like when seen from inside & outside the MGF.

Maybe worth mentioning this tip on the MGF FAQ.


This thread was discussed on 20/11/1999

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