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MG MGF Technical - Torque settings

I plan some pre-winter wheel maintenance (thorough wash, wax, copa slip to studs and mating surfaces,etc)on my TF fitted with 16" 11 spoke alloys. I have a recollection that MGF wheel nuts should be tightened to 70nm torque. Can anyone please advise:

1 Is it 70nm?

2 Is 70nm suitable for the TF?

3 Is 70nm suitable for most cars? - I plan to do the same maintenance on the family Mondeo

An unrelated question about MGF10 - I've seen lots of references to an 'application' - do I need to apply or can I turn up on the day?

Regards, Bob
R Thompson


Last one first - you can just turn up at Gaydon on the day. Pre booking ensures that some of the ticket price goes to the MGCC F-Register and helps in the future. @Gate money isn't shared. Other reason for pre booking was to join one of the 2 convoys from Abingdon or Leicester Forest East Services. This needs to be pre booked to allow ordering of ralley plates and route cards, as well as complying with MSA Regulations and keepting the Police happy.

can't answer any others without my manual.
John Ponting

Wheel torque setting page 102 in the manual - well for the F!
PA Beet

The handbook says 60 to 70nm and that will be fine for the mondeo as well.
Blue Pocket Rocket

if you look at the thread, wide spacing then 70nm should be fine, if you have narrow threads (like on the midget) you can 1/2 that setting (offen ignored by tyre monkeys leading to broken studs)
Will Munns

Where in Warwickshire ?? The Register are having a small Party of about 60 at The Porridge Pot, adjacent to Holiday Inn, Warwick M40 Junction 15. We may all chose to leave the Hotel at 1000 to drive through Warwick to Gaydon so as to arrive before the Organised convoys.
Geoff F.
G. Farthing

>1 Is it 70nm?
It was at all MGF/TF until the beginning of 2005

2 Is 70nm suitable for the TF?
No, got increased for all MGF and TF to 90Nm

Bear in mind the *paper* manuals woun't get updated by new Bulletins.

Better have a look on the web.

PS. Did 60k miles with 70Nm wheel bolt though. Always with 4 Wheels on and never lost one ;)

70 Nm is what I use too :o)

Regarding MGF10, yes you can turn up on the day and pay at the gate. It's fractionally more expensive: 8 rather than 6...
Rob Bell

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