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MG MGF Technical - Tow Bar for a TF?

As my trusty Vauxhall Vectra is getting long in the tooth, I am considering a TF160 as my next car.
I tow a trailer with a bodyshell of a midget I'm restoring at the moment.
Is there a towbar available/possible for a TF/F?

NO -expressly forbidden in Handbook. Main problem is lack of a rear subframe.
John Ponting

Short answer is no I am afraid Nigel :o(
Rob Bell


The handbook for the F forbids towing and under the new regulations (post 1998 vehicles) that means you will be breaking the law under the construction and use regulations. You may get away with it BUT have an accident (and you know what sods-law says) and the insurers will use it as a get-out and the police will probably charge you.
Ted Newman

Guess that puts you stright then!

On the other hand A nice Volvo 244 would do the job... I got one for couple of hundred quid, or about as much as a decent towbar costs!


Thank you everyone. My wife suggested she use the new TF and gives me her Nissan Micra. An excellent towing car especially in 1.2 litre guise..NOT!
I like the Volvo idea, though!

This thread was discussed on 19/01/2006

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