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MG MGF Technical - Track Rod Ends - Pattern Parts

Hi there, I've just checked the archive and am up to date with all perceived BBS TRE wisdom, but my specific question was not answered.

Iím on about my 4th set of TREís, Iíve purchased all from local motor factors (LSUK, Partco etc) who generally supply ĎFirst Lineí parts. Theyíre obviously a pattern part and are cheap (£8 +/-) but I wondered if anyone has any experience of other manufacturers or genuine parts actually lasting longer?

It seems itís an annual thing to change the damn things, incurring a re-tracking charge most times (yup I know I can count how many turns the old oneís were wound on and match up etc, but Iíve never fancied risking it). So if there was a better quality set, it would be worth paying extra etc.

Cheers, Russ.
Russ D Mellor

Track Rod ends (TRE's ?) should last the life of the car! My 12 year old F still has it's originals. How are they failing or is it the same MOT station failing them each year, are they checking them correctly?

TRE's are a wearing part, and they will die faster if they get shocked on bumpy roads or agressive speed bumps, they certainly are not a lifetime part!

I had three consecutive years of replacements, and now three on the same set, all changed and checked by the same garage
Will Munns

Hi Will, I guess if the work was done by a gargage you don't you recall the make of TRE's you used or where they were purchased?

Were there any other contributing factors?

Cheers, Russ.

PS. You're a lucky man still to be on your originals Dave, this could be some kind of record for an F!
Russ D Mellor

sadly no, and contributing factors - not sure, the car gets a different route to work
Will Munns


My 6Ĺ year old F is still on it's original track rod ends (touch wood) but my wife's 3 year old Mecedes has just need to have one replaced for it's first MOT (approx 26,000 miles on the clock)
David Clelland

On my tired 160000km 10 year old F the track rod ends have not been replaced plus the vehicle has a thorough inspection at the start of every race season. On a 57000km one I have just sold they had to be replaced for a RWC(MOT).
Andrew W Regens

Before my F I owned two midgets for a total of 25 years and don't remember ever replacing a TRE. Must be a quality issues, unless you drive regularly through either a very corrosive or abrasive environment?

Yup, I reckon it's a combination of rubbish roads (Isle of Wight) and poor quality pattern parts. Having heard some of you guys are going years without replacement I'll definetly shop around once I knock these new ones out. Hopefully a non £8 part will last a bit longer!
I'm running 195/50's on the front with Spax adjustables and poly bushes, but every car I've had over here has eaten TRE's on a regular basis, so I guess I'll just have to lump it.
Cheers, Russ.
Russ D Mellor

Very interesting thread. I just had to replace mine before my MOT, and after doing a quick poll on another MGF site, TRE came up quite frequently a a common cause of failure.

I figured that after changing, I could forget for a good few years, but after these threads, perhaps not. I know the roads up here are reknowned for their potholes etc, so it is worth knowing, so I cna check more often
I Brown

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