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MG MGF Technical - Tracking

Can anybody explain to me why a lorry clobbering the rear of my car has resulted in the front tyres wearing unevenly, I have read in the archives about the four wheel tracking but cant work out why a bump on the rear wing which I assume has altered the rear tracking results in uneven were at the front. My local specialist has said it is probably the rear which is out but canít get his equipment past the crumpled rear wing to set it up for me.

Also does 5 min toe in mean 5/60 ths of a degree (which seems like a very small angle to me) or have I got the wrong idea here

Yep 5mins toe in=5/60ths of a degree, not a lot!

Putting the rear wheel alignment out could mean that the car is driving at a slight angle so your front wheels are turned at an angle to compensate. The back wheels are turned one way and the front has to compenste. Is the steering wheel still in the straight ahead position when you drive down a straight road?
Also, if the suspension has gone down due to damage at the rear it could affect your angle of toe in at the front.


Bruce Caldwell

Bruce Caldwell

Good explanation Bruce,however if a lorry has stuffed the back end and it is so badly damaged the alignment equipment won't fit surely it shouldn't be driven?

I think this documents give a pictured additional explanation on what Bruce reffers to.

Please ignore the bad spelling. The docs where roughly first revised years ago. I never got it managed to include the right technical special words and grammar.
But the pictures speak for themself :)
Dieter K.

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