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MG MGF Technical - Tracking, Geometrie, Trophy

I guess the question arrised more than once, my dealer keeps insisting that my Trophy is lowered, and thus it is impossible to set it up correctly. It is the standart trophy, not lowered specificaly. I *roughly* measured 320 mm.

They can't manage to get the geometrie right, can sombody advise me how a standart trophy should be setup ?

Is 0 10' +-6 Front
Is 0 10' +-6 Rear

Correct ? The owner manual suggest those figures. I read through the pages at but am still confused about all these angles :)


No, those figures are incorrect, T.

The correct toe-angle settings for the Trophy are:

0º 5' toe-out front.
0º 10' toe-in rear.

Tolerance is ±6' front and rear.

Given that your car is a little lower than standard Trophy, go for 0º 0' front to avoid potential tyre wear problems.

Sorry, the figures on the comparision tables found on are in metric rather than the more usual degrees/minutes/seconds format found else where on the site...

I'll put this right some time!
Rob Bell

Thanks, Great site there rob !
Is my car really lower than the standart Trophy ? I thought 320 mm is absolutely normal for a trophy ?

320 is a bit low T - I can't remember the Trophy ride height off hand - 338mm±10mm? Your's is not far off, and if you are comfortable with the way that the car rides and handles, don't worry about it. :o)
Rob Bell

I called "Rover Luxembourg" aswell as "Rover Bruxelles" both say the height would be 368mm on a Trophy which is obviously wrong as it has at least the 20mm lowered Hydragas units. (They even didn't know that)

And I wondered why so many F have wrong tracking .....

This is awfull, going to call Rover Germany on Monday, called to day but the receptionist said : "At this time it is difficult to get somebody on the phone -> 16:25, call back on Monday"

wow 8


>>And I wondered why so many F have wrong tracking .....<<

Oh dear. Now you know :o((

A Trophy @ 368mm ride height will rattle your teeth out; the pressure will be way too high in the hydrgas spheres - and therefore too hard.
Rob Bell

That is what I was thinking, 320 is too low, the handling is poor (either due to tracking or to height). They did set the tracking equivalent an 368mm F, going to have that changed asap.

Still searching for the correct height. Perhaps you do know if I can fit the lowering nuckles on the trophy ?

Guess what I found on the Rave CD (for the trophy):

Wheel Alignement :
Front : Toe out 0° 5' +-6'
Rear : Toe in 0°10' +-6'

Suspension Trim Height :
368mm +-7mm
363mm +-7mm

Now I am completely puzzled, is this because the size of the wheels is 16 inch ??

-->> ** WAIT !! **

Rave gives two sheets :
One stating "Trophy SE AUS" one "Trophy SE ENG"

The height for AUS (Australia ??) is :
368mm +-7mm
363mm +-7mm

The height for EN (England ??) is :
348mm +- 10mm
343mm +- 10mm

The height for LHD EXP (Export ??) is :
348mm +- 10mm
343mm +- 10mm

Looks as though Australian Trophy's have a different specification to cars bound for Europe - might be to take into account the local road conditions?

Go for 348mm as the correct height.
Rob Bell

Ok! Going to do that. Wondering if I can fit lowering knuckles on the Trophy though (to not void warranty for 330mm).

Are you "Rob bell" which I just came accross while skim reading "MG World" ? Any idea if it would get me anywhere changing the trophy airbox for a KN57 (or carbon airbox)?

Lots of queastions today :-)

>>Wondering if I can fit lowering knuckles on the Trophy though<<

I don't think I would do this on a Trophy - it already has slightly shorter knuckles already. You might want to drop Techspeed a line, as they do lower Trophy's - but what exactly is involved in this particular procedure I am not entirely 100% sure about. Got some good ideas though! LOL

I suspect that a modest 'lowering' on hydragas pressure would be unlikely to cause problems on a Trophy though - which you've already got, and it's free! ;o)

>>Are you "Rob bell" which I just came accross while skim reading "MG World" ? Any idea if it would get me anywhere changing the trophy airbox for a KN57 (or carbon airbox)?<<

Like a few other contributers from this board, yup, I do write articles for MGW :o)
We've done the tests on a Trophy with alternative airboxes. Unfortunately, the results were equivocal. Modest gains only were seen. Going to corroborate this data...

So advice at present is to go for airfilters by all means - K&N certainly sounds the best. IMHO (but without hard evidence, except for on-road experience), air filters inside airboxes are better. But we'll have to wait and see how much better...
Rob Bell

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