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MG MGF Technical - tre ends and shock bush

just replaced my tre ends easy job, they where worn on the drivers side whats the exact tracking values need to get it tracked tomorrow for the mot in april,

also is it a hard job to fit rear shock bushes really worn the where pointed out to me when my f s head blew in feb

darren jeffery
Darren Jeffery

does anyone have the track setting. dont want the garage to bodge up my tracking and tyres

lovely weather for the roof down
nice 8-)
Darren Jeffery


0 degrees 10 minutes toe OUT front
0 degrees 10 minutes toe IN rear

"BBS" recommended:

0 degrees 5 minutes toe IN front
0 degrees 5 minutes toe IN rear

For more, see here:
Rob Bell

hi rob what would say really?? my tyres are starting to wear in the inside
darren whats the diffrence between standard and the bbs
Darren Jeffery

thanks rob i am going with bbs trackings
Darren Jeffery

Let us know how you get on Darren! :o)
Rob Bell

hi just had my car tracked to BBS settings as above driving home the steering wheel is not centre now slightly to the left. i had the tracking done replaced the tre ends myself last weekend steering wheel was spot on drivers side 16 turns and the passenger side also . was fine any help need ??
Darren Jeffery

The tracking centre have set your tracking when the steering rack wasn't centred. Go back and get them to do it again!
Rob Bell

they done my tracking... on the the dual carrige way the the wheels centre.. on the B roads. it slight moved to the left i suppose thats the camber off the road yes
Darren Jeffery

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