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MG MGF Technical - Trickle chargers

Just a quick question (after the event, sigh), I've just bought one of those solar-powered battery trickle chargers (fed up with flat battery), but the blurb says that some cars cannot accept a charge through the cigarette lighter (gulp).

Is the MGF such a car?

And if so, does anyone want to buy a solar-powered trickle charger?



Yes. the fag lighter only switches on with the ignition on. If you want to wire this in, then put a plug in the footwell and connect it to the purple (+ve) wire on the back of the footwell light, and any convenient black wire (-ve)
Will Munns

Thanks Will, but could I not rig the cig lighter to be 'always on'? Or is that not such a good idea?

Without recourse to a wiring diagram (there's one on Dieter's site), I'd say that it would be far easier to follow Will's advice. Plus it gives you another power source should you wish to plug in a fridge, phone, laptop, etc etc.
Rob Bell


I'm fairly sure that the MGF cigar lighter is only live when the ignition is on - my wife complains when she tries to use my 'leccy tyre pump but won't let her have the keys. Should point out that her Micra doesn't even have a ciggie lighter.

Matt, you could, but it is significantly more work, you could do it reasonably simply by locating the fag fuse and working out which wire went to the socket, then put a spade connector into that hole and use an inline fuse to +ve (brown), this is hacky, but removable ... I'll be back...
Will Munns

Nope, can't do that, too many things share the fuse :-(
Will Munns

If I were you I would find out why the battery is going flat so quick.
I had the problem that the battery went flat after just 24 hours.
In the end I searched the archives,found some advice by Dieter and ended up checking the MEMS relays. Clean them, replaced the battery with a heavy duty one and Bobs your uncle, I can leave the car for a couple of weeks now and it starts 1st time!!!!

PS> I did try the solar trickle charger route but found this was a complete waste of time(personal opinion).

kind regards,
b benning

You can buy from caravan/mobile home dealers a socket that will fit the end of your solar charger that has croc clips at the other end to just clip on bat leads,should be about 3.99.

Both my MGB and Golf have 'live ' cigarette lighters, I regularly top up batteries this way.....I'm a bit surprised the 'F'is wired into the ignition circuit, it presumably means you can't have a fag unless you are on the move !

It's only a question of switching the feed to a permanently live fuse (usually a purple wire on a BL car)

Mike (Ex smoker)
Michael barnfather

Matt, where did you get your trickle charger from? I have a couple of cars that tend to sit for prolonged periods without use, so one (or two) of these could be very useful :o)
Rob Bell

Rob could meet Max with a view to a mutually acceptable arrangement.

Who is Max? ;o)
Rob Bell

Rob, I got mine (for one of my P6s) from Maplins - 15.


Rob -

Not tried it yet so can't give you a rating.

JohnP - It comes with croc clips as well as a ciggy lighter adapter. However, that would mean a lot of faffing around to wire up everytime you leave the car (equates to "I can't be a**ed :o))

Will - I take it there's not a magic "purple" wire running through the console I can rewire the cig lighter into then?
Having an adapter dangling around the footwell doesn't sound too appealing :o(

Thanks for all your comments so far,

Max....err I mean Matt


"Airflow" (non solar) battery conditioner
available from lots of sources eg

Never found it less than 39.99 tho

John Thomas

I think Frost do one cheaper than that.

Michael barnfather

Cheers guys :o)
Rob Bell

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