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MG MGF Technical - Trophy 160 and K & N 57i

In July I replaced my VVC with a Trophy. I had fitted a K&N 57i filter and have been surprised that the Trophy really is that much quicker accelerating.

Can anyone tell me what they have done to the Trophy? Also, can I fit a K&N, or has Rover already modified this? Unlike some in a recent thread, I liked the noise from my old VVC.


50 JA

Jon, I can't be positive, but I'm sure in one of the other threads, Rob or Scarlet or one other of the Jedi council explained that the Trophy has a similar setup to the 57i already. I'm sure someomne will jump in and put me right.


Kieren Gibson

Kieren / Jon.

The Trophy doesn't have a similar setup, its just that the airbox has two pipes suppling it with air and that the inlet system has been tweaked to improve breathing. It would be interesting to have a K&N put onto the Trophy and do a before and after rolling road session to see if there is a difference.

But then, as you say - its the noise you miss, I doubt you would see as much performance gain as with the VVC, but you might get a bit, but you would get the noise back :D

Steve Childs

Instead of a 57i -
As the Trophy already has a modified Airfilter box setup, would it be worth fitting a Ramair filter panel inside the box as this would aid both breathing and filtration ?

Mike EU51 VDX

I bow to you my lord of the Sith....
Kieren Gibson

Kieren - LOL

Mike, could do, K&N do a panel replacement, but you wouldn't get the same level of sound from the filter. (Some may see this as an advantage of course!)

If you wanted performance over sound, then the ITG filter enclosure comes highly recommeneded. (If you have more money than sense!) ;)

Steve Childs

Mike's suggestion is a good one- go for a replacement panel filter- either ITG or K&N- they are all pretty much the same. I'd use a K&N, but only because I happen to have one spare... ;o)

The Trophy uses a modified air box. It looks the same from above, but in fact the lower half is quite different, with an intake trumpet entending towards the centre of the car to pick air up from just above the rear subframe (in fact this is the location where the standard air intake draws air, and according to recordings made by Paul Sharpe, is the coolest area inside the engine compartment).

To improve on this set up, you'd need an enclosed filter set up with a reliable cold air supply- ie either the ITG or the 'Flobbadob' mod on the K&N (the flower pot enclosure). Then it would be interesting to compare the 160 before and after... would you then have 165 or 170 bhp or not? Only one way to find out... :o)
Rob Bell

On the B&G site I can only see the RamAir Panel filter, who sells the K&N panel filter? As I'm seriously considering buying one.

Mine came from Kinnor, Mike (talk to Lesley @ 01925 763045 and mention the BBS!)
Rob Bell

Thanks Rob, I've just checked out the site (Kinnor)
Regards Mike :-)
(I feel the dark side getting stronger)

For anyone else reading this thread the Kinnor number is 01925 763405 (not 763045)

Sorry- my mistake! Managed to type that wrong didn't I?
Rob Bell

I've spoken to Kinnor, but I can get it cheaper from my local stockist!

Nice one! :o)
Rob Bell

Thanks for all the comments folks.

I'll have to think on this. K&N or with Flobbadob or even ITG. I don't have any way of testing for before and after: except for acceleration, how many white lines I can get to on a particular speed camera, before I hit 60 (that's how I know the Trophy is definitely quicker than my VVC+K&N.


50 JA

Jon I loved the big bore exhausts on the Trophy, do they make a much louder noise than the VVC exhaust system. And if you're thinking of ripping out your new Trophy exhaust I'll take it off your hands.

Paul - see the answer I've just posted in your other thread.
Paul Lathwell

can anyone tell me jus how much horse power is gained with a 57i kit? is it a lot more than the cheaper K and N panel filter????

i'll try this again as it didn't seem to post.

From memory, the K&N 57i induction kit gives
8bhp - mpi
15bhp - VVC

The K&N Panel filter only gives a minimal bhp boost, but does appear to smooth the power.

The 57i is approx 90-100 and the panel is much cheaper than that.

David Mills

richbay, see for more info- including power curves.
Rob Bell

>The K&N Panel filter

I guess the well known old part number will not fit to a Trophy 160 and I'm sure not to all newer MGF with the new MEMS.

The filter box dimension changed. Got wider.
Would be interesting in any way to know whether they supply one for the new filter box.

Dieter Koennecke

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