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MG MGF Technical - Trophy Calipers on 16' Wheels

Finally got round to fitting the 4 pot AP calipers.
Had to use a 10mm spacer behind the wheels to keep my MG cup wheels. Also had to fit new studs that were 10mm longer to compensate. (Thanks MGF Centre)

Only problem I had was wheel arch rub, which was easily sorted by pumping her up to a ride hight of 320mm. (Thanks Andy (Scarlet Fever))

So much better than the standard brakes (which I did not have a problem with)

Richard P

Hi Richard,

Just about to do the same, plus braided hoses all round, so any tips on the bleeding procedure ;-)

Heavy track-day use would have shown the standard brakes to be not indestructible...
Mike Hankin

Hi Mike,

Filled the brake reservoir up to the top
Attached small rubber hose onto the bleed valve
Then with the help of someone else's foot
Opened valve
Pushed brake pedal to the floor (slowly)
Locked valve
Released pedal (slowly)
Repeat 5 times.
Then did the other bleed valve 5 times, and did the first one again twice just to be sure.
Then move onto the other caliper.

Have to keep an eye on the fluid level in the reservoir.

Richard P

A 10mm spacer? Wow.

Richard, how does the steering feel know? I'd expect more tramlining and steering reaction to bumps - especially under braking - but is it that bad?
Rob Bell

Had no problems that I've noticed. But then the road I use a lot is only two years old.

Did seem to aqua plane a bit the other day, but not sure this was related.
Richard P

Keep me posted as your experience grows Richard - I'd love to keep my standard Cup alloys and use the Trophy 4-pot brakes too - but am too anxious about the impact a 10mm spacer will have on handling...
Rob Bell

Thanks Richard, not expecting to have a spare foot available at the time so am hoping the one-man kit is going to do what it says it should! Encouraged that you didn't have problems using conventional methods.
Mike Hankin

Wider car -> more stable car Rob? ;-)

I'll get my coat.
Paul Nothard


I got one of those kits from Halfrauds, the one you get pressure from the tyre. I don't know if I was unlucky, but none of the caps fitted the brake reservoir. Also a guy at work said they leak air/fluid so to use rags and the spare tyre.


will keep you posted


One of the guys at the Essex Roadsters meet, said he had spoken to a 'clued up' guy at an MG garage and he said handling would be better and the extra strain on bearings etc would be minimal.

Richard P

The additional offset you give the wheels by using a spacer will increase the 'scrub radius' (i.e. make it more positive) (Scrub radius: )

Some positive scrub radius is deemed to be a good thing, as this is something that increases the amount of steering feel. Zero scrub radius is bad for feel and stability under braking - but fairly typical on FWD because of the need to reduce torque steer-induced movements of the steering wheel. I actually don't know what the scrub radius is on the MGF, but given the Metro origins, it may be that the scrub radius is actually pretty low giving us some leeway with regard to spacers and wheel offsets.

Too much scrub angle is not good for reasons of bumpsteer (as mentioned before), and wear on the front suspension components (particularly bushes - but may not be so bad if you have poly bushes fitted?) and tyre wear (anticipate inner edge wear as the wheels tend to toe out under loads - especially braking - due to elastokinetics of the system design).

It is difficult to say anything at all without knowing what the actual MGF figures are - but so long as we are aware of the potential problems, we can be forearmed. With luck Richard, you'll be able to tell me whether this is a great idea or not! LOL

(PS FWIW, MG's own ULW mag alloy wheels increase the track front and rear by 4mm, so clearly MG thought that there was some room for manoeuvre with scrub angles :o) )
Rob Bell

great thread guys as I too would like to go the trophy brake route and retain the Abby/Cup 16s. Do please keep us posted....
David S


forgot to mention, had the wheels rebalanced, moving the weights to about the centre of the rim. Just in case!
Richard P

I did the upgrade on my 2000 F and found my VVC 16" six spokes not to fit after a lot of trips to the tuning shop on the quest for spacers gave up and bought a set of 16" TF trophy wheels looks great!!!
David Knott

Trophy Calipers on 16' wheels.
Are 10mm spacers really necessary when fitting 16 FEET dia. wheels ?
Sorry,I'll get me coat.
Mike A.
These probably would rub your wheelarches....
M Atkinson

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