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MG MGF Technical - Trophy Engine Tuning

Just wondering what the the popular thoughts are on Trophy engine tuning. A K&N 57 isn't worth it except for noise, so it would need to be a Maxogen or something similar in the filter area. Has anyone done a head (i.e porting, bigger valves etc.) modification to the TRophy and if so what, who did it, and how much? Did you notice tangible benefits and if so what were they.(i.e not "the car seems to be more responsive" etc. which always apears to mean "I've spent the money so it must be better")

Head porting and a better exhaust cam give very good results, you dont need bigger valves unless you are aiming for over 220BHP. Some work on the plenum together with similar work on the exhaust manifold is required on installation.

The last three VVCs done have given 175, 177 and 179BHP respectively, with between 135 and 142ft/lb of torque. The curves show torque to be substantially increased everwhere, 10-11ftlb in the midrange and up to 22ft/lb at peak.

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