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MG MGF Technical - Trophy splitter vs. B&G

During a visit to my dealer on Tuesday, the mechanic driving my car killed my beloved B&G front splitter ramming it into a car-lift, cracking it completely in two :(
As the front bumper is also damaged, it is not unlikely that it will have to be replaced as well (on the costs of the dealer, of course).

As the B&G splitter, however very efficient, was not such a great treat for the eye, I am wondering how effective the Trophy front bumper and splitter are. I might replache the normal bumper + splitter by the Trophy one.

Does anyone know if the price of the Trophy one differs a lot from the standard one?


Mate in DE is just thinkung about a similar problem after he killed a slow rabbit and had affiliated damages to the KH splitter and bumper.

His second thoughts go in this direction.

May be worth to compare with Eriks soolution @

Dieter K.

I had a KH splitter for 2 years. It worked very well : I remember how I was impressed the first time I drove at high speed with it...
Then, last year, I deciced to change for a Trophy style one, which, IMO, looked less "boy-racer" and is also less annoying re. ground clearance, what is really true, BTW.
When you're used to the look of the KH, the Trophy is a bit dissapointing, by far less "aggresive".
It is said that some tests have prooved that the KH creates 40% more downforces than the Trophy, what I would trust...

In the end, it's up to personal taste. The KH one is more effective and has a more aggessive look, when the Trophy is a subtle change over the the standard bumper but still with a "factory background" (i.e. not purely aftermarket). It MUST be painted, though...




Check out Erik's unique and superb looking solution to the problem...

>> <<

I have seen it for real too - it looks excellent.


Scarlet Fever

Thanks SF, but with the number of underground parking areas that I acces each week, I fear that the good looks of the double splitter will only last for a few days...


Has anyone tried fitted a deeper airdam under the front as an alternative to aplitter?

I meant "a splitter". I'd prefer not to alter the external appearance of my car, but I want the stability at speed.


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