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MG MGF Technical - Trophy TB has arrived

Finally after a month the T160 throttle body has arrived from PTP. Nice bit of kit ... even better to know its from a reputable Italian manufacturer !!
I'll be installing it at the weekend and will report back. All thats left is to ditch the K&N and make the expensive switch to the ITG Maxogen ... waiting ... its always a waiting game ...


you'll love the ITG Maxogen , wouldnt be without it now. Alot better response and power delivery.

In the mean time Gaz, knock up that cold air enclosure for the K&N ;o)

I know.. always the waiting game... it's so frustrating!!!
Rob Bell


Why r u waiting, bought my MGF airbox this week from PTP,,
They have them in stock or is it a cash thing. Got to agree with the above, better than the K&N and worth every penny.

Paul Danks

Dellorto sure make a boring part artistic!

Roger Parker

Got the new throttle body installed yesterday, it's brilliant!!!

also cat bypass makes the exhaust to sound a lot better!
Hanah Kim

Hanah, SOrry to ask a dumb question but what effect does the T160 throttle body have ?

How much was it? and how big a job is fitting it ?

Stephen Ratledge


There are no dumb questions!

Effect T160 throttle body will give you a 'no-sticky throttle body syndrome' as well as a very good response in accelator. Just blip on the throttle (accelerator) you feel the pull of the car. I am not a techie and can't explain much, but it's a bigger diameter providing more air coming into the engine. If you try the archive searching for throttle bodies it will help you a lot.

The part was 110 pounds + VAT from Mike Satur and he has them in stock.

The job I heard is not that difficult. But my car was
at the service at the time, so I asked for my mechanic
to fit them on for me. He took 1 hour to fit both
new throttle body and the cat bypass.

Best Regards,

Good luck!
Hanah Kim


Can the Trophy TB be fitted to a standard 1.8i?? or would this cause problems? I'm surprised you don't have to alter the mixture to increase the TB....or do you some how?

Nigel Kidd

OK Guys,

The original throttle body (TB)late 1994 on K series MPi engines was changed to a moulded plastic, along with the inlet manifold. The throttle disc size in the TB is 48mm.

In service a series of common problems, inc a sticking throttle and engine idle speed way above normal was put down to distortion in the TB. Many owners replacing the hose clip, that secures the airpipe from the airfilter to the TB, with a worm clip also found problems with distorting TB.

The result has been that all recent engines have reverted to a TB made in alloy, by Dellorto, and carrying over the 48mm disc size. Also of note is the shape of the disc in the plastic arrangement which has a wedge plate on the trailing side of the disc. This wedge is also found on the alloy TB discs and is a rivetted alloy block to the brass disc.

In addition to the change to the alloy TB for all current engines an alternative was introduced for the 160PS spec VVC engines. This included an increase in the throttle disc from 48 to 52mm, but without the additional alloy wedge for the trailing edge.

The advanatge of the alloy over plastic in 48mm size is that the cross sectional area of the open throttle disc and the throttle spindle supporting it is smaller on the alloy TB. This provides the opportunity for a greater airflow and potentially an increase in power. These differences are small so any increases are also going to be small. The 160PS spec TB with 52mm diameter disc is clearly designed to provide an even greater airflow potential.

Airflow potential and actual gains are two separate things. For there to be a gain in power requires that the original part is restrictive. Fortunately it seems quite clear that indeed there is a degree of restriction with the original plastic TB and that fitting the 52mm unit does provide a quite detectable power bonus.

The other main consideration is that all three TBs are directly interchangeable with each other and the change can be done in about 30 mins.

Roger Parker

Hi Rog,

And the Dellorto part No. is ???? ?



so over all - is it worth the upgrade?

Worth ? For sure.

Vauxhall/GM/Opel is 57 mm :)))
Not to convert in 30 minutes but much cheaper.

Dieter Koennecke

are these available as a part from rover?

Rovers Trophy-TB part-number is MHB000261
Beat Fischer

is that all that's required?
is this a garage job or can it be done yourself?
(level of skill - install k&n + heated washers)


You can do it yourself. It's really a 30 minutes job (once You have removed the engine cover)
To remove the old throttle body:
- Remove the engine cover under the softtop
- Unplug the potentiometer
- remove hose between airfilter and throttlebody (open the clip by gently squeezing it with a long pair of plyers
- unplug the two small rubber-hoses
- unscrew the four bolts which hold the TB
- disconnect the accelerator-cable
To install the new throttle body:
- connect the accelerator-cable to the new TB
- tighten the four bolts which hold the TB
- connectin the two small rubber-hoses to the TB
- connect hose between airfilter and throttlebody (close the clip by gently squeezing it with a long pair of plyers and it will snap in again)
- plug in the connector to the potentiometer
- check the limits of movement of the butterfly by telling someone to operate the accelerator. Must be fully open when pushing the accelerator to the floor and completely closed when releasing it. In my case there was no need for any adjustment.
- recalibrate the throttle positions - ignition off, on, push pedal to the floor 5 times, ignition off.
- close the engine bay
- drive and enjoy a more lively feeling of the engine.
(if You have a power-boost valve maybe increase the fuel pressure slightly for about 1/8 turn =0.25 bar. I did this to ensure the engine is not running on a lean fuel-air-mixture)

My first impression was, that the engine breaths mor freely and picks up revs more quickly. As I only have a Ramair panel filter Your result might be even better than mine.

Check the BBS archive for further information and sorry for my English...;-)
Beat Fischer

Thanks, your english seems fine.
I reckon i could do that
i'll check with rover for how much the part is.
is a power boost valve reccomended?

The Trophy-TB in Switzerland costs arround 150 GBP.
I'm not sure whether a power boost valve (PBV) is recommended. Depends on the adaptivity of the MEMS. If it's as adaptive as some people say, You don't need it because it will adapt to the slightly higher volume of air. However as I had it installed already some time ago I thought "all I can loose is some economy in GPM". Better/cheaper than i.e. burnt valves caused by the running on a lean mixture.
I can't tell the difference the power boost valve makes from the influences caused by other 'tuning' measurements as I installed it in the mean time with a cold air kit and a sport exhaust but there must be some threads in the archive regarding the PBV.
Beat Fischer

Well, finally got round to installing the TB. Took longer than expected as I didn't have the right size spanner for the TB bolts. Easy, once I had the right tools. Still to give it a good run but initial experience shows the car to pick up a little quicker.


mine arrived today, will be fitting tomorrow.
what size bolts were they, before i take all the roof off?

C'mon guys the top and egnine cover do NOT have to come off to replace the TB, just open the boot, remove the wire mesh thingy, and it's easy to get at, shouldn't take more than 20 minutes :o)

HELP Any one

I,v just got a ally TB me think,s it was the Trophy160
it,s got TV5 T011 3121 MHB OOO261 on the side BUT the brass disc in side is 48mm.

and on the uther side it has Dellorto TV (52) on it

Have I orderd the wrong TB

If so do,s any one now the part no for the Trophy160

The Trofey TB had a 52mm brass disc in it!!!!!!!!!

Or duse it!!!!!!!

can some one help



>Rovers Trophy-TB part-number is MHB000261

I'm sorry, can't help on the number. Is the above mentioned by Beat from CH wrong ?

Anyway, need to correct something of my GM Diameter posting.
Just measured the disc diameter at a spare.

It is not 57mm :(
But 'only' 55mm and only made from aluminum ;) ZzzzzzzZzzzz
Dieter Koennecke

if anyone wants to know it's an 8mm spanner you need.
My throttle body is part number
MHB 000 261
and has written on it
TV5 T011 3121
MHB 000261

I have measured the disk and it is 52mm in diameter.
tony, i'd check you've measured it correctly, as mine has the same numbers and is def. 52mm

Thanks to "Dr. Dave" I now also have a TB160. Even better it is now fitted. :-)

One point of interest is that if you have a K&N air filter already fitted to your normal TB then it is possible to replace the unit just from the boot. It might be possible with the original but I doubt it as the K&N can be positioned out of the way durring the fittment.

In fact the total fitting time was under 40 mins. It would have been less but I dropped one of the bolts! I also spent a few minutes taking some pictures so when I get a moment I will post these also.



P.S. having an 8mm ratchet ring spanner helps


>>P.S. having an 8mm ratchet ring spanner helps
I bet it does!
got 1/2 way throu mine with a socket then had to give up as the 8mm spanner was missing from my set!
bloomin shared house!

DEAR Kingsley

Have washed my eyes out and put them back in the right
way this morrning.

And remeasured the brass disk and YEP!!!!!!
It's 52mm i feel a right dick head.

Thanks for all the comments lads


np tony.

Any comments on performance ???

Cheapest price I have found is PTP for the trophy throttle body for 98.44 or mail

They are now in stock, bought one today + the ITG kit at the same time!! thanks for all the above advice on fitting.

Paul Fisher

Tony ,the mascara is causing failed eye-sight!!Luvvy.
tony you know who

No I think it will be me,y butt plug love..

PS. Get them new shelves full of stock..

See you at La Mans.

Yes I Do.!!

Ok ive got a question. A new trophey throttle body is 53mm. My K&N filter I would imagine although i havent measured it would be 48mm.

1. Would the K&N fit onto a larger circumfrence hole??

2. Would this then restrict the air flow as the tube is 5mm smaller???

3. Does this modification increase BHP or torque??

Sorry for the silly questions
Chris Glen

The outside diameter of the throttle body is the same as the old one, it's just the restriction inside is less.


Chris, just to confirm that Kingsley is spot on- externally the alloy TB is identical to the alloy standard TB and of identical dimentions to the plastic item fitted to the majority of our cars.

Also wanted to note that the internal diameter to the K&N induction tube is 70 mm which matches the TB inlet OD.
Rob Bell

Today I had a look at the throttle body on the new TF (135 I think) it was the same as the Trophy 160! The part No. MHB 000261 was clearly visible from the boot.
Stephen Ratledge

installed mine and can confirm noticable difference, picks up much faster in all gears, seems to make slightly less k&n noise, (maybe just going deaf)
seems to be less of a lag befor engine starts to roar.
quite impressed.
will give further results after longer drive
also having ajusted the throttle cable properly probably helps.

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